Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ten on Ten

It's been so long since I've participated in a Ten on Ten.  Life gets so busy that half way through the day I forget about or forget to even start taking pictures.  Today I made sure to write it down and take a picture of the kiddos ready for school.  Hubby took them while I went grocery shopping.

It rained yesterday and is supposed to rain the rest of the week until Saturday so since today is the only day it wasn't supposed to rain I figured I should take advantage of it and do my shopping.

Today was also the day the buyer came to pick up our old trailer so hubby took the day off to go over how to use everything with him.  After that was all done we drove to a dealership to look at the trailer we are going to get.   As of last night when I checked online the dealership we wanted to go through did not have what we wanted in stock and I had told hubby that there was this exact model that I wanted and we would have to just wait but when I got home from grocery shopping my hubby had found it newly listed online just this morning!  I took that as a sign!!
 So we drove straight there and told him we sold ours and saw one online we were interested in.  He told us it wasn't even opened to see yet since they just got it in yesterday and was hesitant to show us because it was dirty and had not been cleaned yet.  We told him it didn't matter.  Anyhow we will be picking it up soon after they get it all cleaned up and we can not wait to go camping.  It is sooooo much bigger and has a ton of space for us.

After we were done at the dealership we picked up lunch and ate in the truck since we had a few things in the bed that we didn't want taken.

Now that we finally have the trailer it was time to book some camping for Summer!  So as soon as we got home I got to searching online.  Everything has been sold out for the Summer months but if you check constantly you will find cancellations sometimes and to my luck I found a cancellation for a spot at the beach we have not been too but have been wanting to try out.  So our first beach trip is in the books!

"Happiness comes from contentment"
Quiet tea time while hubby left to pick up the girls from school.

How cute are these heart lights?
My father in law dropped off two of them for the girls rooms for Valentines day.  They look so cute lit up in their rooms.

Brooklyn worked quietly on her homework after school

Soon enough the house was no longer quiet and the girls pulled out toys and played together.

Kayla eventually had to get ready for soccer practice in the rain!
She was excited while I'm just hoping she's safe and she doesn't get sick!  She has a big tournament this weekend and with all the rain and the holidays they have only had one practice in the past three weeks so today they had to squeeze in another one since the rest of the week is going to be rained out.  Today the fields are dry enough to play on but they are supposed to be closed the rest of the week to dry out as much as possible for the tournament.

Thank goodness hubby took her to practice while Brooklyn and I are warm and cozy at home.  It's just about time to put pajamas on for us!
Happy Tuesday friends.

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Tara said...

Congratulations on the new trailer... lots more memories in that place for sure. And yeah on your first camping on the calendar. I've gotta start thinking about summer plans too!!!