Monday, January 9, 2017

First Week of January Recap

It's a rainy Monday over here and my babies are back to school.  It would've been the perfect sleeping in pajama day around here with them but back to reality it is.   We had the perfect two weeks off for Christmas break and I can't wait for the week they get off in February. 

We celebrated January 1st with some fondue and dippers for lunch and I made a delicious cake for dessert that night.

January 2nd was my birthday and I woke up to some presents and cuddles from my girls

A Kendra Scott necklace, a book I'd been wanting and a new pretty apron from my hubby and girls.

Later in the day we took the girls to my parents so hubby and I could go to the movies and dinner.  We saw LaLa Land and then ate some delicious sushi followed by lobster for me and steak for hubby.  Afterwards we grabbed a Starbucks and did some window shopping.  

Wednesday the girls and I headed to see the movie Sing and do some shopping with all their gift cards they had gotten for Christmas.

So many choices!

Brooklyn got another doll and Kayla decided to wait because they didn't have anything she wanted yet.

Thursday and Friday were spent mostly at home enjoying our last few days.   Saturday morning I made donuts and then we got dressed to go and clean out our trailer.

On Friday I got a call from a couple who asked if they could swing by and take a look at it, it's been listed for sale for about two months, they loved it and made an offer right away.  I called hubby at work and said "I sold the trailer!"   We were all so happy and a bit sad.   So many great times in our first trailer but it is time to find a bigger one so we can up our camping game!

After the cleaning out of the trailer and unloading everything into our guest room we drove to a few dealerships to find the perfect trailer for us.   We are still on the hunt but have a few in my mind but we just want to make the right decision so we will not have to buy another one for a long time.   Brooklyn knew we were headed to Downtown Temecula so she insisted on wearing her "cowgirl boots" because it was a cowboy town.   I had to break it to her that those weren't really cowboy boots but they do resemble riding boots.   

After shopping for trailers we ate at a favorite burger spot and then headed home.

Sunday was spent at home doing yard work and enjoying the last day before back to reality.

Our weather yesteray was perfect, it was actually warm enough for shorts, tank tops and sitting on the patio with snacks and cocktails.  My favorite kind of Sunday!

This morning is another story rainy, cold and some not so happy girls that headed back to school.  I missed them the moment I pulled into the driveway but they'll be home soon enough.  I can't to see their smiling faces in a few hours!

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Billie Jo said...

I enjoyed sharing your vacation with you and your lovely family.
You really know how to to create wonderful family time together.
And Happy Birthday!!!!
Cannot wait to see the new camper!
Hope the Back to School went ok...
But...your February break will be here soon!!!
Hugs from frigid PA!