Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vail Lake Camping

Last weekend we finally got the chance to take our new trailer out!!   All week we watched the weather and hoped it would work out for us because it just so happens we were supposed to get the biggest storm we've had in the past six years the same weekend.  Luckily the storm hit us hardest on Friday night and for us wasn't as bad as they had thought and since we we left on Saturday to camp everything worked out perfectly!

It was still pretty cold but our new trailer kept us nice and warm and we loved having all of the extra room inside!

Cali loved all of the room as well!

We camped with friends and all of their kids so the girls had a lot of fun. 

These girls loved the new trailer and you know it's big when they spent their time waiting for dinner by playing hide and seek inside.

Before we left I purchased some good whiskey to help keep mommy and daddy warm in the evenings.  It was so cold out that hubby's cup was frosty at the bottom just from being outside BBQing!!

The next morning the kids spent the entire day riding bikes/scooters, climbing trees, exploring, playing up a hill and building forts.

We gathered them at one point to take a ride with us so we could explore a bit

All the kids minus two little ones.

It was so pretty out!

Below is normally a bridge that leads to the lake but the storm had washed it out so we weren't able to walk to the lake at all but the view sure was amazing.

Kayla said she was thirsty and since she tends to get dehydrated quickly I took her back as fast as I could so we could get her some water.   After that her and I went off on our own for a bit to explore.

Later that day the girls wanted to play the game Bean Boozled that I had brought.  It's a jelly belly game that includes good tasting jelly beans and disgusting jelly beans and you never know what you're going to get.   The girls love this game and think it's hilarious, hubby and I on the otherhand think it's disgusting so I thought it would be perfect for the kids to play while we camped.

It kept them busy for a little while and then they were out exploring and getting dirty again.   Kayla at one point climbed a tree and then ripped her shirt while getting down and then later while riding her bike down a big hill she fell off scraping her hands, her side and hurting her knee.   I was so proud of her for not crying and thankful she wasn't hurt worse.   She took a little break after I cleaned her up and watched a movie for a bit.

And then later her friend who also hurt herself the night before came in and they played games together in the trailer on their own for awhile.

Breakfast the next morning before getting ready to go home

The three older kiddos saying their goodbyes

I was so happy the weather worked out and we got the chance to go camping.   

and it wouldn't be a good camping trip without these three passed out on the way home!


Tara said...

Stuck on your dogs name is "Cali" How cute is that!?!

Good ol fashioned fun... I love it all. And your new camper is an amazing home away from home!!! Look at those girls beds! Mine would LOVE that! Can we see more of the inside? That table and benches looks amazing... so cool! Here's to many many happy adventures in your new camper!

Unknown said...

You have a wonder family! We love camping and have never visited Vail RV Resort. In one of your photos I see a dump hose pretty close to your picnic table! Not a deal breaker because good campers adjust to all kinds of crazy things. Just wondering if your case was just luck of the draw or all the sites similar? Thank your fun attitude. Robert/Donna Flores