Monday, March 6, 2017


It's already six days into March and I completely forgot to post my February recap post!   February always flies by and this month was no exception.   With all the rain we had been getting having a few warmer days to enjoy being outside were much needed!

Brooklyn wanted a different hair do so a little top knot it was.  She loved it but Kayla said it was embarassing, lol.  #sisters

Kayla and I had a mommy and me day in February and I'm planning on doing the same thing in March with Brooklyn.  We had lots of fun and she found some cute Spring clothes to get us ready for the warmer weather that I'm hoping will be here soon!

Super Bowl Sunday happened and the food was the only thing the girls and I really cared about!

A lazy Saturday morning

The girls and I went to see The Secret Garden with my mother in law and we loved it.  It was so good!

Before we went in the theatre we stopped by Sephora because I just knew Brooklyn would be in heaven.  I was right she loved all the makeup and wanted to try it all on.

After the play my father in law and hubby met up with us and we all went to dinner.  The girls also got cute Valentines gifts from their grandparents.

More cute Vday gifts from one of their besties who came by with his parents to drop off some candy and stuffed animals.

And the night before Valentine's day Grandma came out to deliver more goodies for these two

Kayla went on a field trip to the science center and was so excited!!  I didn't go along and I was a nervous wreck all day worrying about her and hoping she got home safely!!  Their bus ride home was about three hours and ended up being almost 45 minutes late so when I saw her little face run up to me and give me a hug you bet I teared up!

That wraps up our February for the most part!  Now onto March, we are definitely looking forward to Spring Break in two weeks and hoping for some good weather so we can actually enjoy it.

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Tara said...

I love how your girls bring their favorite "stuffie" to a show, mine do the same thing! So fun to see your February! Here's hoping for some warm weather your way... we are around 20 right now and wind... so so coooold!