Sunday, March 26, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

The girls are back to school tomorrow morning and it's going to be hard on all of us after the amazing week off we have all had.   I have 500+ pictures to go through to share with you and I got sad just looking through them all a few hours ago because I want nothing more to go back and do it all again!  Our trip to Utah was beyond amazing and I can't wait to share it with you but first I need to do a little catch up and share our St. Patrick's day pictures here for first!

I woke up Friday morning to this cute pup wandering into our room and Brooklyn following closely behind giggling while wishing me a Happy St. Patrick's day!

I could tell Kayla was worried the night before when I told her I didn't have time to make a special breakfast or do anything fun because I had to get ready to help in Brooklyn's class that morning but when she walked out and saw this she was all smiles.

Of course I needed breakfast too!

All green in their lunches

A quick picture before we left for the day

and one before walking into the school

Brooklyn's class was a mess!  A little leprechaun obviously wrecked havoc in the room and the kids had to clean it all up which they didn't mind because they got to eat skittles and chocolate coins while they did. 

Before school began I ran over to Kayla's class to see what her teacher did and there was nothing!  I was so bummed for her because we celebrate everything and I wanted to know she was having fun too but I guess she's just at that age where I have to get used to things changing.   I made sure to have some green snacks for the girl to come home to so Kayla would still enjoy the day.

My father in law came over to join us for dinner and it was my very first time making Corned beef and cabbage.  I have wanted to make this meal forever but the girls always had softball and it never worked out us being home on St. Patrick's day so I was excited to give it a try and guess what?

It was delicious!  I loved it and the girls ate it too, no complaints except for maybe the cabbage.  But I believe I'll be making it every year from now on.  We had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert because I had no time for baking.   We were leaving before the sun came up the next morning so in between all of the celebrating I was busy packing, doing laundry and meal prepping for 5 nights away.  Other than the busy day due to leaving our St. Patrick's day was a fun one.

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Billie Jo said...

You can do holidays, my friend!
Love. Love. Love it all!
I love corned beef cabbage too....
No one else does, though. : (
Can't wait to see your vacation pics!!!
Have a good week, Shannon. : )