Monday, April 24, 2017

Color Run

Saturday afternoon the girls had a Color Run at their school.   They didn't get to participate last year because they had softball so this year they were very happy to be able to!  We decided to walk to the school because we knew the girls would be covered in color afterwards and not having to clean out the car sounded like a good idea!

All the participants lined up and waited for the start time.   They all ran around the track and there were four different spots where someone would throw colored powder on them which was made from cornstarch so don't worry nothing got stained!

Kayla and her friends walked most of the run and were all about getting color thrown on them.

Brooklyn ran atleast the first 4 laps and was dodging the color for awhile.  The run lasted thirty minutes and it was 90 degrees out so we kept telling her to please slow down and make sure to stop for water.

Here she is finally tired and dusted with just a little color

Kayla cruising on by 

Just about everyone began walking at some point and Kayla and Brooklyn were finally somewhat near each other for a picture.  Kayla was happy with her newly painted blue arm and see Brooklyn behind her getting covered in blue!

She's half smurf!

Brooklyn and her friend, Dalton covered in color after the race.

When the race was done all the kids that raised a certain amount of money got a color pack of their own to throw at the end.  Here they all are in a group waiting for the okay to jump up and down with their color pack to make a huge cloud of color.

It was pretty watching from my view and I'm glad I didn't have to stand under it all.

It was a little hard finding our kids at the end as you could see why,

They had so much fun and yes it all washed off/out of everything and I'm pretty sure we will be going again next year!