Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Break Part V ~ Mossy Cave

After our long hike into the canyon we headed to the very front of the park to a short little hike known as Mossy Cave.   We were all hoping it was an actual cave but a little disappointed to find out it wasn't at all.

Brooklyn found her perfect walking stick, which we still have, and off we went

I didn't get many pictures of the actual spot but you can see below it wasn't much of a cave, it appeared to be but once we got up there it stopped at the waterfall spot.

The best part of this spot was what we found when we hiked back down.

We decided to explore a bit on our own following along the creek.

This spot made my entire trip, it was one of the most beautiful spots I have ever been and I would've happily stayed there the entire day.

Just sitting on a rock listening to the creek and the breeze through the trees was so relaxing!

On our way back to the car Brooklyn found another smaller stick and thought it would make the perfect boat to sail in the creek

off it goes,

leaving behind a happy girl!

When we got close to our campsite I had to have hubby pull over so I could take pictures of the bison grazing on the grass

and then again for the roaming wild turkeys 

the day could not have been more perfect!  If I could go anywhere today I would go back to Utah.  Even the sky is prettier in Utah!


Tara said...

Wait! What? There's more? You are THE MOST adventurous family! I wanna be you!!!

Really, so amazingly beautiful and memories to hold on to forever.

Cindy said...

I may have written this before but I love landscape photography and use my photos to make my own greeting cards. Your photos are gorgeous and I try to imagine how they'd look on a card. Your pictures are stunning! It looks like your family had a wonderful time!