Wednesday, May 31, 2017


May is sooooo busy I'm surprised I have any pictures of us actually at home this month but obviously we did spend some time at home.  We have atleast four family member birthdays to celebrate along with Mother's day and with all of the end of the year school activities our days get pretty crazy!

Looks like we did fit in some slow mornings at home though

Brooklyn and her favorite kitty.

Brooklyn's hair is so thick and every year when it starts to get really hot she asks for it to be cut short so after picking her up from school with crazy sweaty hair for about a week straight I told her we would cut it.  She was a very happy girl afterward!

The girls ready for school on Hawaiian/Beach day.  Can you tell Kayla loves to take pictures?  One of the reasons why I don't have many of her anymore, she does not enjoy my picture taking so much.

We had a free Friday night so we invited over some friends for Wine and Pizza.  The kids had fun playing in the yard while we enjoyed a good bottle of wine.  Once it got late the kids ate popcorn and enjoyed a movie in the house.

Brooklyn came into the kitchen with her tiara on and said she was ready to go to school.

An after school play date with their buddies.   They all ran around playing and screaming for hours and then finally settled down to play on their tablets together.   We are sad that these friends will be moving next month.

For the last two weeks my dining room table has been a collect all for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, Summer shopping needs and last minute school projects.  I'll be so happy tomorrow when the last gifts for the teachers are gone and my table will be back to normal again!

Poor Kayla had to have a quick procedure done at her orthodontist and she was nervous about it all week.  It all went well and was not nearly as bad as she had thought it would be

I had told her that if she was feeling up to it we could go to Justice afterwards so she could spend her birthday gift cards so she was excited.   She does not usually enjoy shopping and I was so surprised at all of the clothes she tried on and picked out.  She picked out pajamas, flip flops, a tank top, a swimsuit and a dress!

While Kayla was trying on clothes Brooklyn tried out the make up samples.

Afterwards we went to Chickfila for dinner.  I had a great time with these two and this night made me even more excited for Summer when I get to hang out with them all day, every day!

All of the first graders were given a packet of homework to do over the Summer.  They do not have to do it if they don't want to but if they finish it and bring it back to school in August they will get a prize.  Brooklyn has been working on it a lot and is already half way done with the entire thing!

Over Memorial day weekend we drove out to Palm Springs to spend the day swimming at my father in laws.   The girls were so excited all week to swim and so was I.   Swimming in Palm Springs is a sure sign that Summertime is here!

My father in law and all of his boys enjoying the sunshine.

Monday Brooklyn wanted the little pool out in the backyard.  I was surprised they both still fit and that Kayla even played outside in it for most of the day.  The last two days of May have been cloudy but the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow for the last day of school and then we'll be ready to enjoy our Summer!

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