Tuesday, May 30, 2017

End Of The School Year Activities

We have two days left of school until Summer and
after the past two weeks of almost daily school activities going on I am thrilled for the last day of school to be here.  There have been so many activities between the two girls that I have been there daily and I'm trying to thoroughly enjoy every single bit of them because I know soon enough I will not have any activities to be at with them.

Both of the girls had their field trip on the same day so I could only be at one.  Kayla went on her way with her fourth grade class to Riley's Farm while Brooklyn and I went to the theater to see Cinderella.

The theater was gorgeous and Brooklyn loved it along with the play too.  

It was definitely one of my favorite field trips I've attended.  The play was so good and spending the day with this one made it even better!

Last week Kayla had a water party.  Instead of celebrating all the birthdays of the students throughout the year the teachers asked us to hold off to celebrate instead at the end of the year at one big party.  All the kids got to bring in water tubes and they spent a few hours running around the field soaking each other and their teachers.  They all had a blast and got to eat popsicles and cupcakes. 

It was a fun way to spend a hot day!

Brooklyn also had her first grade vocabulary parade last Friday and the word she got was Extravagant.

All the first graders dressed up as their word and paraded around the school.

Brooklyn was more than happy to dress up extravagantly for the day!

The next day was game day for Brooklyn and she brought in Mouse Trap which was a hit with all her classmates.

Kayla brought home a pile of all of her classwork including poems, artwork and stories.  It was so hard to not put every single one of them on here.  Her writing is so good and I love reading it!

Today Brooklyn had park day and all of the first graders walked to the park to play.  She colored, played soccer, played on the playground,

and did a lot of dancing!  I was exhausted following her around and helping out all of those wild first graders but I made it through the day.   Tomorrow both of the girls have field day all day where they get to play outside and the school will have a DJ along with a whole lot of activities for them to participate in.  I told the girls they were on their own for the last two days because mommy has lots to do before they are home with me all Summer!

Before I sign out with the school post I had to add a picture of Kayla and her amazing fourth grade teacher.  You don't always get a teacher that truly loves their job and LOVES your daughter as much as her own.   I'm pretty sure Kayla will always remember this teacher and I'm so thankful she had such a great year!


Kelli said...

The last weeks of school are always so busy! Your girls have had some fun activities'. You can do it..two more days!

Tara said...

Those are some awesome end of year activities! I especially love the vocabulary parade!