Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mountain Lakes Camping

Back when we bought our trailer we received a free two night, three day stay at a local timeshare rv resort and since we had been needing a little family only time we decided this past weekend we would use our free nights.

We left Saturday and stayed til Monday.  We let the girls take a day off since there really wasn't anything that they would miss and we were all happy to make the week a shorter week of school.

The rv resort was having a carnival the weekend we went so the girls enjoyed a few rides while hubby and I were trying to find shade to stay cool!

After some time at the carnival the girls picked out some ice cream for our walk back to the trailer.

Making a few friends along the way

Kayla had a lot of downtime to go through all of her Pokemon cards and taught hubby and I how to play.

Sunday morning we swam for a few hours and then came back to the trailer to relax.   Brooklyn rode her bike the entire weekend nonstop!  Kayla rode a bit too and then played corn hole for a little while as well.

Brooklyn was struggling to peel off all of her princess stickers on her bike, "I don't need these princess stickers anymore daddy" so he helped her take them all off.

 Brooklyn reassured me that it was okay because she still likes her princesses, she just didn't want them all over her bike anymore.  Phew, mommy is not liking this getting older stuff!

Kayla looks like a teen on her bike!

Brooklyn of course found a walking stick which daddy almost left when we were leaving but she saw it and yelled for him to stop the truck and go get the stick.  We are going to have quite the pile of sticks to give to her one day when she moves out!

Happy Camper Dog

While I made breakfast Monday morning the girls played on my phone

Yay for no school on Monday!

The girls fitting in some last minute bike rides before we head home

A much needed family camping trip was just what we needed to get us through the last two weeks of school!


Tara said...

Beyond Lovely. I love that you know just what your family needs and you do it!!!

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