Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend celebrating all of the moms in the family and I felt like we ran from place to place making it a bit more hectic than I would have liked it to be.

Saturday we went to my moms to celebrate with my grandmother, mom and sister in law.  The weather was nice so the girls played in the backyard and we also spent most of the day in the backyard catching up.

I didn't get many photos but right before I left I got this one with my grandmother, my mom, the girls and I,  four generations!

On Sunday I woke up to these two cuties climbing into bed with me.  Brooklyn almost always shows up for morning cuddles but Kayla is usually reading or watching tv and rarely cuddles but I think because it was Mother's day she decided to join in and make her mom happy.

Pretty much every year hubby and the girls make me breakfast, usually banana chocolate chip pancakes but this year I wanted a Starbucks chai latte and bagel with cream cheese.   I'm not a big breakfast person and the pancakes I always requested in the past were because I knew the girls loved them but I'm not big on them so this year I decided to ask for something I really wanted and the chai and bagel were perfect!  I ate quietly in bed while the girls gathered my gifts. 

After I was done they came in to give me their goodies they made at school.  Brooklyn made a little book filled with a poem and a picture she colored, some drawings and a few coupons as well; give me a back rub, clean her room and make my bed.  Kayla gave me a bookmark with a sweet note on the back along with a poem she wrote in class.  I also got a vase and a pretty necklace from hubby along with other gifts from my mom and sister in law from Saturday.

Kayla's poem was one of my favorites from the entire day.  I cried reading this and loved every single bit of it except for the part that says I'm a "brown bear that sleeps all day" I guess she thinks I sleep all day while she's at school??  Otherwise I love the poem so much!

After all the gifts were opened and I read through a new book for a bit I decided we needed a family walk.   Kayla decided my idea was ridiculous and was not being the delightful child I had hoped for on Mother's day but I did my best to ignore it.

Brooklyn was excited and said she wanted to try and ride her bike without training wheels and since she would not try in the past and had exclaimed before that she never wanted to learn to ride a bike without training wheels I told hubby lets do this now before she changes her mind again.   In about 10 minutes she was riding around without any help and she was so proud of herself!  I'll share more pictures of her learning soon.

She rode her bike for our entire walk and did great.  Brooklyn learning to ride her bike was another favorite from my day.

After our walk we got home and Brooklyn rode around in the front yard for a bit while I decided to cut all of my iceberg roses back.  I usually do this all on my own which takes forever since I have a lot of them but today I could have hubby help me out which he did making it go pretty fast and don't worry I actually enjoy doing gardening and yard work so I was happy to spend my mother's day taking the time to do this.   We realized though that we had lost track of time and had to get showered and ready quickly to get to where we needed to be for the day and this is where my mother's day did not go so well because the girls were tired from being gone all day Saturday and I had to deal with their crankiness.   When we made our drive to my sister in laws they ended up falling asleep which helped with the rest of the day.

Once we got there they played with my sister in laws nieces and nephews and Brooklyn got her make up done by her aunt.

Kayla did some reading here and there

and playing on their stairs was a huge hit!

They ended up having a good time and we ate some delicious homemade pizzas made by my brother in laws, opened gifts and then before we knew it was time to drive back home.   It was a lot of traveling back and forth for one weekend and next year we will have to do all of our visits in one day so that I can hopefully have one full day to enjoy with just us.  Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier and the last couple of months have been nothing but family gatherings here or there which leaves us with little to no time to just be us.   With Kayla already ten I have realized just how fast our time with these girls is going and really want to slow time down which means that saying no to gatherings here and there is going to have to happen so we can be just us sometimes!


Tara said...

I am so with you on working on saying no. Which is saying yes to more just us time. They don't always like that I opt out from driving all around on a holiday but I need space and time. I'm so glad you had your perfect breakfast and sweet gifts from your girls. Happy Mother's Day

Becca said...

I love Kayla's poem!! How sweet! And that pic with four generations is so good!

I agree, sometimes the gatherings seem endless even though it's nice to spend time with everyone. I would have been sad if we were running around both days on mother's day weekend!