Thursday, May 11, 2017

Open House

Last Wednesday evening we headed to the school for Brooklyn's Open House.  This was the first year that the school changed open house to only Kindergarten through second grade so I was a bit sad that we weren't going to be able to see Kayla's class full projects but I'm hoping maybe they'll bring it back next year!   Anywho, I've mentioned before I love Open House because what is better than seeing all of the amazing creations your child made throughout the year and two the kids are sooooo excited to show their parents what they have been up to all year.

I help out in Brooklyn's class once a week so yes I had already seen all of these projects and even helped create some of them but I made sure to be just as excited to see them all again!

My very favorite thing in that classroom was this poem below that she wrote about herself.

I mean, spot on!  This little girl of ours knows exactly who she is and isn't afraid to let everyone know.  Everything she wrote was exactly how we would have described her.  
I loved it!

And here is Brooklyn with her first grade teacher, Kayla had the same teacher when she was in first grade and we love her.  It's been a great year for our little first grader and I'm sad that she will already be a second grader soon but that isn't going to stop us from counting down 'til Summertime! 

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TerryD said...

Definitely Brooklyn! Sweet girl, I love her so much.