Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ten on Ten

Happy May Ten on Ten!
I am so proud that I actually remembered to take pictures throughout the day to post especially considering I have not been home all day.  It started out the same as every school morning, get up make lunches, get the girls breakfast and then I sit for a bit and enjoy my iced chai latte. 

Then we quickly, I swear no matter how much time we think we have it always ends up that we are rushed to actually get out of the house and to school on time but first I made them pose for a picture.

After drop off I stopped to pick up a prescription and then came back home to make a smoothie.  I've been making spinach and fruit smoothies everyday now for about two weeks and it has made a huge difference in just the fact that I don't want sugary/junk foods anymore throughout the day! I was home for about 30 minutes before I had to leave again to get my hair cut and colored.

I'm not a fan of getting my hair done!  I hate waiting and paying for it but it needed to be done so here I am waiting for my color to set while looking through a magazine.

After that was done I stopped in to Trader Joe's hoping for some Peonies but no luck.  I did pick up some Mother's Day flowers for my Grandmother so it wasn't a waste of time.   I drove straight home afterwards to drop the flowers off at the house, grabbed a string cheese(not a healthy lunch) and then went to wait at the school for pick up.  

Right after school the teachers threw all of the parent volunteers a little thank you party.   I quickly made a plate full of food and chatted with some of the other moms

Back home to unload backpacks and hear all about their day.  Brooklyn told me she got a 100% on her book test and Kayla handed me some papers to sign for a fun 4th grade water party she wants to go to.   This is probably the most hectic time of the day with papers all over the house, lunch boxes unloaded on the counters and everyone needing me for something but I have my routine down now and as soon as I walk in I start the teapot.  I pour some tea and either sit with whoever needs some help or on a good day I grab a magazine or a book and go read in the living room while they do their homework or read on their own.

Today I sat with Kayla while she wrote her Thank you cards 

Then it was Brooklyn's turn to practice her subtraction.

Homework is done and the table is cleaned up ready for a quick and easy dinner.  We are halfway through the week and only have 15 school days left until Summer.  We are ready!


Billie Jo said...

Great day!
Your hair is amazing...
Your girls are the sweetest...
And your home is the coziest.
Oh, and I remember those crazy after school paper days!!!

Tara said...

I love your after school routine of stopping and making tea. Lately back to teaching I find the second I'm home I'm into laundry and cleaning. But you've reminded me that it's important to stop and BE with them. Thanks friend!

Kelli said...

I agree once everyone gets home from school life gets busy...I like the idea of Tea!
Yay for the school year almost being over!