Friday, June 2, 2017

School's Out For Summer

Yesterday was the last day of school and we were ready.  It was gloomy and cloudy in the morning which isn't ideal for getting us in the mood for Summer but then it burned off being a beautiful start to our Summer.

We took our traditional before the last day of school pictures on the front porch

They both grew taller

When we arrived at school I snapped a few pictures of the girls with their besties before the bell rang.  Below is Brooklyn and her best buddy, Ella.

This is one of our favorite little guys, Landon.  He is like a brother to the girls and he is the sweetest little boy I know!

The three amigos!
Kayla, Tiffany and Micah
These three are ALWAYS together and have been since second grade.

When school started I went to Brooklyn's class and watched her receive an award for Junior Author.   Each student in her class got an award from the teacher.  Brooklyn writes stories all day long just like Kayla and I was so happy that she was recognized for her creative writing.

 After a few hours in the classroom I came home and got the house ready for Summer

Fun Summer goodies for the girls

A letter to each of them along with a Summer candle for their rooms.

I enjoyed my last few hours alone at home before heading to pick them up from school.  Brooklyn came out extra happy and then we waited for Kayla(I will not miss the waiting!)

Here they are now, my second grader and fifth grader ready for some Summer fun!

Kayla had an auction in her class where they got to bid on goodies with all of their points they accumulated throughout the year for good behavior.  She was happy with her winnings.

After going through all of the new stuff for Summer I told them to put on their swimsuits because we were heading to a pool party!  I can't believe they didn't hear about it at school beforehand but they were VERY excited to hear they were going to be swimming with friends!

They had an amazing time and I can't think of a better way to start off our Summer!


Cindy said...

Comparing her height to the deadbolt, Kayla grew a lot! That pool party looks amazing!

Kelli said...

Yay for summer!! Love the summer goodies you had out for the girls. Are those emojis pillows or pool toys?

Billie Jo said...

You are amazing.
What a wonderful way to welcome summer.
Have a great summer with those sweet gals.
Before you know it, we will be saying we can't believe it is Christmas!!!

Becca said...

Kayla looks so big!! Ahhh