Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So Far....

Summer has been great!
The girls got out of school on a Thursday and by Friday we were in full celebrating mode!  It was National Donut day and the girls were very happy to get free donuts while I was grocery shopping.

When we got home Kayla got her first phone call from a friend and they chatted for almost 45 minutes!  So adorable.

As soon as hubby got home from work we headed out to dinner and then went to a local baseball game.

Saturday morning we headed out to Palm Springs to swim at my father in laws all day.

Sunday morning we dropped the girls off at my parents house so hubby and I could have an adult only getaway.   We stopped at In N Out for our lunch and then continued on to Las Vegas.

It was hot but perfect because we were looking forward to spending the next few days laying by the pool and enjoying a cocktail or two!

Drink, Snack & Chill pretty much sums up our entire getaway.

We enjoyed relaxing and eating delicious dinners every night!

But by Wednesday I was excited to pick up my girls even if they wanted to stay at their grandparents forever!  As soon as they got in the car they began reading together.  #lovethem

Thursday and Friday was spent unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning and fitting in some fun together while at home.

Saturday I was sad to say goodbye to these girls once more.   We had a wedding to go to so my mom came and stayed with them while we were gone for the night.

If I had to leave my babies again I wanted to atleast enjoy it by eating some good food so we stopped at a favorite brewery for a bite to eat.

We then checked into the hotel and got ready for the wedding.  It was so fun to get all fancy for the night!

The wedding was gorgeous and we had so much fun!

I forgot how much I love a wedding celebration and next year my brother in law will be getting married which will be another great night of fun!

Monday hubby went back to work and we are back to reality around here.   The girls and I have been lounging at home the last few days.  They have been playing, reading, riding bikes and watching their favorite shows.  I'm getting all caught up on all of the laundry and enjoying being home with my girls!


Becca said...

Looks like a great start to summer! You look gorgeous in that green dress!

Kelli said...

You have had a busy but fun start to your summer! I love weddings as well!

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