Friday, July 14, 2017


A few weeks ago we took our first Summer camping trip to Carpinteria.   We had never camped there and felt very lucky to have even found a spot because it sells out very quickly.  The girls were so excited to finally be making there way to the beach.   They were especially excited to see the ocean as we drove along the coast to get there.   You'd think they had never seen the ocean but I will say it had been awhile for us atleast.

Once we arrived and set everything up in our extremely small camping spot we headed straight for the water to soak up as much sunlight as we could!

Brooklyn is usually entertainment for us all because you never know what she is going to do.  We enjoyed watching her move this giant driftwood for quite some time.

After showers and dinners we walked to the water to enjoy our first Summer beach sunset together

Beach nights never get old!

Our first morning waking up in Carpinteria was spent eating breakfast burritos on the beach followed by a quick stroll over to the tidepools to see what we could find.

Little did we know it would be filled with so many amazing creatures!

We had so much fun exploring!! 
The girls loved every minute of it and Kayla was in pure heaven.  Daddy had the best eye and found so many things we would've never seen like this cool fish perfectly camouflaged in the sand.

Such a great first morning in Carpinteria and so beautiful!

Eventually the tide came up and we headed back to get ready for our first full day at the beach.

It was perfect and the girls had so much fun.  Clouds rolled in for about an hour and then left leaving us with clear blue skies again.

A little break before heading back out for more fun.

Back at the campsite the girls and hubby hang out while I prep dinner or get a snack together.  I love that they spend their time riding their bikes, playing games or just reading a book.

The next morning we woke up to cloudy skies so instead of heading to the beach we decided to walk into town and explore a bit.

I loved seeing the cute beach cottages but the girls thought it was very strange that I was taking pictures of other peoples homes.

We stumbled across a lot of antique shops so we had to take a peak in all of them.

Make a Wish...

We stopped for lunch in the town before we headed back towards the beach.

The sun came out just in time and we were once again relaxing in the sand while the girls played

After showers we headed back to the beach to enjoy our last beach sunset in Carpinteria.

and then it was back to camp for s'mores 

This was Brooklyn every night, she would enjoy  dessert and then ask to watch a movie while we stayed outside.  She would be passed out in no time, she was exhausted and not to mention getting over pink eye and not 100% herself.

The next morning right after breakfast we packed up and headed home.  We knew there would be a lot of traffic being that it was the Friday before the 4th of July.  The girls made themselves comfy and seemed to take turns falling asleep as we drove home through lots of traffic.

We had such a great time in Carpinteria and can't wait to go back again.  I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing during Summer other than hanging out and camping with these three!!!


Billie Jo said...

Oh Shannon!
What an amazing time for your beautiful family!
I love the time your four spend together as a family, and all the wonderful memories you are making.
The campsite looked perfect, and there is nothing like the beach, is there?
Hoping you are home sweet home and are ready for a fun summer weekend. : )

Cindy said...

What a great camping trip! We stopped at Carpenteria once on our way home from San Diego. We didn't spend much time but our girls got to put their feet in the water. I was taking a picture of the Welcome to Carpenteria sign and a local teenager saw me and jumped in front of the sign, "Can I be in your picture?" "Sure!" So one of our memories is of this kid smiling in our pictures. :)

Christine said...

Beautiful family, beautiful vacation.