Sunday, July 2, 2017


Our first month of Summer has already blown by and I'm a bit sad that in a little over a month from now my girls will be back in school!   I really wish Summer would last all the way through Labor day as it did when I was younger but that isn't going to happen so we do our best to enjoy our Summer days while they last.  Here's a little peek at what we've been doing to keep busy.

Kayla went over to a friends house for awhile one Friday afternoon and Brooklyn missed her, as in she was in tears after we dropped her off.  It was the saddest thing ever for my mama heart.  I reassured her that nobody would ever be a better friend to her than she would and that helped a little but she was lost without her sister and it made me think of how sad she's going to be in a year when her sister is off to middle school and she's left alone at her school.   When Kayla got home Brooklyn came running down the hall screaming "Kayla's HOME!" and then jumped on her for some cuddles.  Love them!

We celebrated Father's day with my father in law the Saturday before fathers day with a swim day at his Palm Springs home.  Always a fun time!

Mommy, Brooklyn selfie while we wait for daddy to get gas

A little stop into Party City to see if there were any 4th of July goodies we had to have and the girls had fun trying on some silly hats.

Summertime calls for easy peasy dinners and this was a hit and super easy!  
Tortilla chips
Lime juice
Taco Seasoning
Refried Beans
Shredded Chicken
Lots of Cheese
 Sour Cream & Salsa

Chalk art never gets old

It's been hot, hot, hot!
We've been keeping cool with snow cones and playing in the water

Another easy dinner!
recipe found here

Unfortunately grocery shopping doesn't go away while on Summer break.  Here the girls are in the back with all of my Costco loot stacked around them excited to be going back home.

The girls are older now which means they wake up and I sleep in.  I love waking up to find them already playing together or even better when Kayla gets them a bowl of cereal for breakfast!

I found some cute things on Amazon for the girls to paint.  Kayla said she didn't want one but Brooklyn picked out the turtle.  She loves to paint and was excited to get started.

Kayla eventually came in and joined finding a canvas she had received from her grandparents to paint alongside her sister.  I knew she would want to once she saw Brooklyn enjoying herself.

After painting her turtle, Brooklyn wanted to keep going so I gave her some white paper and she was a happy girl!

Hubby's friend from work had a BBQ for a few of the guys and their families.   It was hot but the girls were happy to be swimming for hours with all of the other kids

Long hair and Kayla do not go together for Summer.  She hates the time it takes to brush and I dislike the tangles so a shorter do for the Summer was called for.

Brooklyn's bedroom is transformed daily to play whatever their imaginations call for.  I love hearing them playing together.

This past week we left for a camping trip but not before Brooklyn woke up with her eye crusted over the morning before.   Of course the doctors were not in that Monday morning so off to Urgent Care we went to confirm she had pink eye.  Luckily a full days worth of antibiotics cleared her eye by Tuesday morning but it was not quite the day I had planned before leaving for the week.

Spending hours at Urgent Care and then half the day driving around dropping off a prescription and driving back to pick it up along with packing, prepping and shopping for our trip was not ideal but thankfully nothing got in the way of our vacation!

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Billie Jo said...

It looks like your summer is going great!
I see a Bitty Baby in there!
And In the same outfit that Flynn's is wearing!
How can it be July already?
I hope you guys have a great 4th, and a nice...loooong month to follow!!!!!