Sunday, July 30, 2017

Our Favorite Beach Camping Spot

Last week we took our official last Summer camping trip.   It was only fitting it be at our very favorite beach spot, Silver Strands in Coronado.

From the moment I sink my toes in the sand here it feels like home.  We have camped her almost a dozen times and every single time I love it even more!  I love having a place we can go that just seems to never disappoint.

The weather was warm and perfect for the most part.  The clouds would roll in and then roll right on by.   I don't mind a little bit of clouds as long as it's warm and I always enjoy the color change of the ocean while they are rolling through.

There is never a shortage of fun when the girls are here.

Our traditional breakfast burritos on the beach

There was a threat of rain the entire time we were there which luckily never happened but due to the monsoon like weather in Mexico the tide had left behind a ton of treasures on the sand and we had fun collecting a lot of sand dollars and other shells to bring back home with us.

Kayla made a friend while we were there so she hung out with her most of the time.  Brooklyn was a little timid to go out as far as usual to body board after seeing all of the shells and crabs during low tide that morning so she mostly stood and watched or hung out with mommy and daddy for awhile on the beach.

She is a very timid girl by nature and doesn't do too well with the unknown.  She likes to know and see what she's getting herself into before she takes the chance so I'm often tell her to "be brave".   I had just gotten done having one of those "be brave Brooklyn" conversations and looked over to see her writing it on the back of her boogie board.  After she was done she ran into the water and ended up having so much fun body boarding the rest of the day!

Our last full day on the beach the girls found a washed up shovel fish and I'm pretty sure I stepped on a live one while I attempted to body board later that day.  Needless to say I made my way right back to the safety of my chair after that.  I guess I should be writing "be brave" on the sand for myself.

It's okay though, I would much rather enjoy the beach from the chair with a cold drink in my hand watching my girls have the time of their lives.

Kayla was so tired and ended up taking a little nap on the beach, she woke up when we tried to move the umbrella over her to get her out of the sun though.  Check out Ms. Brooklyn still going strong behind her down in the water.

After showers and dinner we all played our favorite family game, Trouble and then the girls rode bikes around with all the kids in the campsite.

Soon it was time for s'mores and you can tell by this picture Brooklyn is exhausted.  She left soon after to hang out in the trailer before climbing into bed.

Even though this was our last official Summer camping trip since school starts in a week we have two more fun trips scheduled to Silver Strands before the year is up!  Those two upcoming trips make going back to school so soon a little easier on my mama heart.


Cindy said...

What a fun, fun weekend! Glad you all had a great time!

TerryD said...

Beautiful pictures! I love all the memories you are making.