Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Recap

Happy August!
One week from now the girls will be home from their first day of school already.  I can't believe how fast this Summer went by, I feel like we didn't even do all that I wanted to do which mostly consisted of lounging around all day and doing nothing.   We were busy, busy, busy but it was all fun busy it just made the Summer go by way too quick.

I have a ton of pictures I took with my phone throughout the month of July.   First up was after a delicious breakfast up at Riley's Farm.  We'll be heading back there this week for our end of Summer picnic.

It wouldn't be Summer without hanging out with friends!  These kiddos belong to Brooklyn's teacher she'll have this year.  I went to high school with her and we both ended up living an hour away from where we grew up from.  She's an awesome teacher and Brooklyn will have so much fun this year in her class.

Late Summer nights end in mid day naps.

Friday nights cuddled up on the couch for movie nights are my favorite!

Lots of reading this Summer, both girls did great reading books all Summer and without any complaints.

A few fun Saturday's spent swimming at Papa Russ' in Palm Springs are always a blast.

Both girls got their rooms repainted with new bedding as well.  They had complete control over their colors and bedding.  I hope to do a post on each room but they need a few finishing touches before sharing.

Sipping on a delicious chocolate malt while waiting for dinner to arrive.

Swimming lessons began in July and ended in July

I really enjoyed watching them swim this year and even tried to talk Kayla into joining a swim team, she said maybe someday so I'm not holding my breath.   It's so relaxing watching them swim though.

Someone was excited to receive her new backpack and lunch pack in the mail but I on the other hand get a little sad every year once they arrive because it means it's almost that time!

Swimming at Brooklyn's friend Ella's house

The girls at another friends house trying out a science experiment kit and playing in their awesome game room.
We got invited to a paint night and I was probably more excited than the girls.  I couldn't wait to see their paintings and hang them up in the house.

I love when hubby has yard work because that means the girls are outside with him playing while I get to enjoy a quiet house and sometimes a glass of wine as well.

The girls and I tried a new Mexican food spot and we were very impressed!

Our annual family game night with homemade mac and cheese and salad.

How to stay cool in hot weather and reward kids that are behaving good while I shop....ice cream

This past weekend we went to Medieval Times, they have been waiting patiently all Summer to go and I think Kayla was the most excited!  She could not stop talking the entire time we were there asking questions, giggling, laughing etc.

It was so fun and they loved eating with their hands.

Our last Sunday of the month was spent enjoying a movie together.  The girls laughed so much at the Despicable Me 3 movie.  You would've thought we were at home watching it they were so loud.  It was pretty funny though.

That wraps up our month and now onto August which will be full of school and soccer.  It all starts next week so it's time to enjoy our very last week of Summer before it's gone.

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Billie Jo said...

Dear Shannon,
It is not possible!
How did summer pass so quickly???
No matter!
You made so many memories and had so much fun!!!
And one bright spot...our favorite time of year is getting closer!
Enjoy your last week with your sweet girls. : )