Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend Recap

Our weekend didn't start out as planned when Brooklyn stayed home from school Friday with a fever and not feeling so well.   Friday night was supposed to be date night but obviously had to be cancelled so we made pizza for dinner and had our usual Friday night family movie night.

We watched our movie early and got Brooklyn in bed by 6:15 because Saturday was her first soccer game of the season and we were really hoping she would feel better so she could play!

Luckily she woke up Saturday morning with no fever and feeling much better!  The girls were all ready to go and had all of their grandparents there to cheer them on in their games.

Games were done by 2ish and we came home showered and decided we would go out to dinner.   We drove up to Idyllwild, which is a small mountain town about 45 minutes from us.   Hubby works up there a lot and had told us about it and I really wanted to go check it out.  We ate at a somewhat new brewery and enjoyed some beer tastings. 

The girls played with a few toys they brought along and enjoyed petting the dogs that were dining alongside their owners.   The atmosphere was beautiful and the beers were pretty good too.   The food wasn't my favorite but it was still a nice relaxing dinner.

There was a little creek down by the parking lot so we had to take some pictures.

Kayla said she would hold Brooklyn so she would fit in the picture but she dropped her as soon as I snapped the picture

After several takes we finally ended up with a decent family photo! #neveradullmoment

By the time we were done with dinner most of the cute shops were already closed for the night but the girls found a candy/ice cream shop so they picked out a treat to enjoy

Kayla chose a "frozen banana" and then exclaimed she didn't know it would actually be frozen!  She's had frozen bananas many times before so we don't really know what she was thinking.   She couldn't bite into it though so she ended up just eating the chocolate and sprinkles around it instead. 

Lucky daddy got her frozen banana with whatever remnants of chocolate that she left behind. 😄

We headed home after dessert and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as the sun was setting.

Sunday morning I woke up to the girls writing stories together.  They wrote most of the day and played here and there as well.   We were home for the day and enjoyed a day of rest before getting back to another week of school.

a delicious dinner to say goodbye to the weekend.

This morning the girls were all ready for school a bit early so they enjoyed some tv time before it was time to leave. 


Billie Jo said...

Hello Shannon!
I am glad Brooklyn is feeling better.
I remember when my kids were in school, they all seemed to get a fever toward the end of the first few weeks.
I am glad the rest of the weekend was fun for you all.
Have a great week ahead!

Tara said...

Back to school weekends. You sure know how to rock them! I love the idea of getting away to a sweet little mountain town for dinner and icecream. I love that you have such good family time on the weekend. We have one more week of summer to go. School starts next Wednesday for us.

Cindy said...

I'm glad Brooklyn was able to go to her soccer game! And Idyllwild, I went there as a kid, but haven't thought about it in a long time. It's a beautiful place! Looks like you had a great weekend.