Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Big Girl Bike

Last Sunday morning while packing up the trailer and truck to get ready to go camping hubby noticed that Brooklyn's bike tire was not only flat but completely messed up and would not go back on correctly.  Brooklyn LOVES to ride her bike and I knew this would put a huge damper on her camping trip.   Now we secretly had her dream bike waiting in the garage to give to her for her 8th birthday which is this Friday so hubby asked if I wanted to surprise her a bit early so that she would be able to enjoy her new beach cruiser at the beach.

Now I'm not going to lie that I was a bit hesitant because I had the whole birthday day bike present all thought out in my head and I was really looking forward to filling the basket with some cute flowers and her coming home from school and seeing it in the house for the first time but I just knew she would be so excited to enjoy it at the beach and not having a bike for her would have been a huge bummer while we were there so I told hubby it was a good idea.   He immediately got to work on putting it together and we had Kayla help us out to keep Brooklyn in the house while I finished loading up the trailer.  We hid the bike in the trailer until we arrived at our campsite and had Kayla take Brooklyn to the other side of the trailer while we took it out and then called her over to see her new bike.

She was so hesitant to get on and ride it at first because it is much bigger than her old bike but it only took three times for her to be comfortable enough to not even think about falling.  She rode the entire time we were there, she would even ask the moment she woke up if she could ride her bike yet.

A little girl on a beach cruiser on the beach is the cutest thing if I do say so myself!

She had so much fun filling up that basket with her "babies", books, water bottles, seashells.

Happy Early Birthday my sweet Brooklyn!

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Becca said...

Aww that bike is PERFECT for her! So cute!