Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Celebrating 13 Years of Marriage with a Little Camping

August 28th we celebrated 13 years of marriage and we celebrated by taking the girls out of school for a few days to drive down to our favorite camping spot in San Diego for some beachfront camping.  The weather was so perfect and it was so nice to leave the 100 degree plus weather at home to enjoy some cooler beach breezes!

Once camp was all set up it was time to hit the sand!  I took one picture of the girls and then relaxed the day away.

Monday, which was our actual anniversary we woke up to clear skies and enjoyed breakfast on the beach.

The girls took off after they were done eating and came back with a whole lot of sand dollars!

We have never found this many before nor have we ever found so many big ones that were not broken!  I have a huge bowl filled with them in my living room right now and love them.

My favorite golden flecked sand

A perfect way to spend our 13th wedding anniversary!

The water was much colder than it was just a month ago so there was a lot of time spent playing on the sand!

At night the girls rode bikes around the campground!  Brooklyn was getting her glow sticks put around her new bike tires. 

Tuesday morning we woke up to a very heavy fog

It wasn't too cold though and the girls wanted to head back out to find sand dollars again.

We split up and Kayla and I went to find some treasures while daddy and Brooklyn went together on their own.

I'm pretty sure we found the most!  Kayla gave all of her sand dollars to her friends and mine helped to fill our bowl I now have in our living room.

The fog eventually cleared and we enjoyed another beautiful day at the beach

Brooklyn would not stay out of the water and Kayla did her best to not go in. 

Kayla said it was too cold to be body boarding 

Brooklyn didn't mind one bit and was having the time of her life.

Before we called it a day, daddy and the girls played "monkey in the middle" throwing the football back and forth and trying to keep it away from whoever was in the middle.

  After a long day on the beach we took showers and ate dinner before enjoying our last sunset of our trip.

13 years ago I could have never imagined that I would be so lucky to have these two beautiful girls to call my own!

He's not so bad either 😉

Back at the campsite Brooklyn and daddy played corn hole while Kayla read and told me all about her book

The next morning we loaded up and headed home, back to reality, which isn't so bad when I get to share it with these people!

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Billie Jo said...

Happy Anniversary!
What a beautiful way to celebrate.
Looks like a fun time together!