Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Round Up

 It's August 31st which means it's about time I catch up on sharing what we've been up to in August.   Brooklyn loves to draw and I about spit my chai out when she brought me this picture of what she said is an illustration of our cat.

The month of August means soccer....every day, except for Friday and Sunday!  Thankfully hubby and I split up the practices so I get some cozy nights at home.   Well they aren't cozy yet because it's been so hot but soon, I hope!

Kayla sporting some new tacosaurus socks she picked out from the museum we went to a few weeks back.

Brooklyn finally got a "big girl desk" like her sister has, now she just wants a cool "rolling chair" like her sisters to go with it.  I was so sad to put this desk in her room because it meant getting rid of her table and chair set and makes her room look like a big kid room.

Hubby got a job promotion this month so the girls and I made some pictures to congratulate him and hung them on the door for him to see when he came home.

Then the next day we went swimming at Papa Russ' in Palm Springs

We celebrated two birthdays this month!
First up was Josie's first birthday.

It was a cute unicorn themed party

My girls enjoying the little kid toys

I can't believe she is already a year old!

 A few days later it was hubby's birthday!

We showered him with gifts when he got home from work along with his favorite lasagna and apple tart for dessert.

We goofed around when we had some free time

and enjoyed watching Kayla get new wires on her braces, see the wire hanging out of her mouth? She's in the final few stages and might have them off by Christmas!!

Brooklyn's coach had to change the practice schedule to once a week due to his work schedule so I talked to Kayla's coach to see if it would be okay to have her practice with them now and then and he said, absolutely!  He is an amazing coach and so good with kids, it's already helping Brooklyn's confidence which was what she needed.   She doesn't have to practice with them but she loves it and wants to practice every time!

One thing she needs practice with is eating a little faster!  I was sitting with her after a practice the other night waiting forever for her to finish her dinner so I could clean the kitchen

Brooklyn really wanted to walk to school and Kayla did not, we walked anyway

After school is so quiet around here because both of the girls are always reading!

The second games of the season!
It was super hot but both of the girls did great.
Kayla played goalie most of the game

Brooklyn got to be team captain again and was melting since it was over 100 degrees and her game was in the middle of the day.

She did great though for how hot it was.

Today it is also over 100 degrees and cloudy.   I'll take the cloudy with cooler temps because it's just about time to pull out the pumpkin candles and bake some pumpkin bread!!
Happy Almost September.


Billie Jo said...

Happy Almost September to you, Shannon!
What happy times around your house!
The girls look as if they are enjoying soccer, and school as well...
And I have to tell you, Peyton is a slow eater too!!!
I wait for her all the time!!! Lol
I hope you get some cool weather soon, because like you said, it is time to get out all things pumpkin spice!
Have a cozy weekend, my friend.

Kelli said...

I am so ready to pull out the pumpkins here as well but we are HOT here...110 for the next few days!