Thursday, September 14, 2017

Life Lately

September started off  with a three day weekend, thank you Labor day, and on that Friday night hubby and I had a date night at one of our favorite spots in Palm Springs.

Then on Saturday my mom and I headed out to the L.A. County Fair for our annual mother/daughter night out and country concert.

It definitely wasn't our favorite performances but we still had a great time together!

Sunday morning the girls, Brooklyn mainly, brought out as many toys as she could to play in the family room.

Knowing there is no school or work on Monday calls for the perfect Sunday evening at home relaxing!

Once the girls were back in school chaos was back in full effect and I got a call from Kayla while she was at school that one of her teeth had cracked in half!  I called the dentist right away and got her in only to find out that it was no big deal and her tooth was just ready to fall out and had thinned so much that it cracked while she ate her snack at school.  Who knew?  I was relieved that it wasn't anything serious and so was Kayla.  The dentist pulled it out and gave it to her to leave for the tooth fairy. 

Kayla left it by her bed but when she woke up there wasn't any money in the usual tooth fairy pillow so she wrote this note and left it, the tooth was cracked so she figured she might not get anything but to her surprise when she went to make her bed that morning she found the money left under her pillow instead of in the tooth fairy pillow.   She then wrote another note below since the fairy didn't take the tooth.  She said it's only fair that the fairy take her tooth since she left her money.  I love her sweet notes!!

Warm weather called for an after school surprise trip to 31 Flavors for some ice cream cones.

Sometimes you just have to hide in your bedroom and enjoy some snacks alone with the door locked! #momlife

Soccer Saturdays are in full effect over here.

Brooklyn made me so proud this past Saturday, scoring 2 goals!   She went from being a bit intimidated out on the field to having so much confidence this last Saturday.   Working out with Kayla and her team has done wonders for her!

Monday was Patriot's day and the girls wore their red, white and blue to school

and while they were at school I lit my first pumpkin candle!

No practice on Wednesday which is also early release day means a whole lot of time to play together!

So far this month has been so nice, we've been busy but we've also had some amazing Sundays at home to recharge together.  The weather is finally cooling off and I'm hoping it stays because I'm ready to get into that holiday mood that starts in a few more weeks!

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