Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend!  
It started off Friday morning taking these girls to school and helping out in Brooklyn's classroom for the morning.

Then happily enjoying a glass of wine later in the evening while the pizza was cooking.

Annual family movie night, we watched Mighty Joe Young.

We only had one soccer game Saturday and it wasn't until 11:45 so this is what Saturday morning looked like.

I baked up some Trader Joes's cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

After Brooklyn's soccer game we headed over to my parents to celebrate Jonas' 4th birthday.  It was a Star Wars themed party and the girls had fun posing for photos.

Kayla asked if she could do some selfies...

Jonas, Brooklyn and Kayla

Brooklyn made Jonas a birthday card and I thought it was adorable.  Her and Jonas share the love of hedgehogs so she drew him a hedgehog card.

I Love this picture!!!  
Wish Brooklyn was in it too then it would be perfect.  Look at those smiles!

Happy 4th Birthday Jonas!!

After the party we met some friends at our local Oktoberfest.

This is Landon, him and Kayla played on the same t-ball team about 5 years ago and since then he has been like a brother to the girls.  When we were at the Oktoberfest four years ago Kayla and Landon posed in the same picture so we decided to recreate it this year.
2013    &    2017

They all had so much fun playing the games, bouncing in the huge pirate ship and rolling around in the giant hamster balls

Sunday morning I woke up and found Brooklyn still passed out and almost falling out of her bed.  She slept until 9, which is a record for her.  She is definitely becoming my sleep in kid.

We stayed home all day on Sunday and I made beef drip sandwiches that cooked in the oven all day.  They were delicious for dinner!

After dinner the girls played outside until it was time for showers and even though it was a little chilly out it felt like a Summer evening.


Billie Jo said...

We LOVE Mighty Joe Young!!!!!
And I'll have two sandwiches, please. : )

Kelli said...

Ok I don't remember the movie mighty joe young... now I need to look it up and aks the kids about it.
Your nephew is adorable! And your dinner looks delicious!
Hope you are having a good week!