Monday, September 11, 2017

September 8th

Friday morning a very excited little girl woke up ready to celebrate her 8th birthday!

She knew exactly what she wanted to wear and what she wanted mommy to make for her to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for the day.   At school she got to enjoy the class sing Happy Birthday to her as well as a little ride around the class in the teachers chair.

While she finished out her day at school I ran around gathering balloons and and last minute party prep for Saturday to make everything just right for my girl.   When I picked her up from school she showed me a gift she had received from her best buddy at school.  She was so excited to have a friend bring her gift, it truly is the little things that excite these kids!!!

She loved having some special birthday calls from the grandparents

and of course all of her presents from mommy, daddy and Kayla!

Kayla made her the most adorable birthday card with sloths on it, Brooklyn loves sloths.

Sweetest Sisters!

For dinner we ate homemade mac and cheese and caesar salad while watched Zootopia together.  For dessert the birthday girl enjoyed an ice cream sundae.  She had a great birthday and was so excited for Saturday to celebrate some more with the rest of the family!

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