Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ten on Ten

Today was originally supposed to be spent at Knott's Berry Farm celebrating Brooklyn but due to a chance of rain and a late night the night before celebrating with friends and family we all agreed to postpone the amusement park trip to another day with better weather and one when we are all well rested.   Brooklyn was fine with this idea and even a bit excited to get started on building all of the boxes of legos she had received from her birthday. 

While she got to work on her legos I happily enjoyed my chai latte in my favorite Sunday mug.  #SundaysareforFAMILY

We watched the news in awe all morning!   Unimaginable how scary it would be to be going through what everyone in Florida and the surrounding areas are going through.

Once I got up some energy I decided to do some cleaning and mop my floors since they were filthy from Saturdays party.

Since Brooklyn took over the family room with legos Kayla played with legos in her room

Hubby was watching football so I decided why not climb back in bed and watch what I want to watch alone for a bit.

Eventually Kayla came in and we played Trouble together for a bit.

Brooklyn had requested Panda Express for dinner so that was easy! 

We usually always do family movie nights on Fridays but we haven't for the past two weeks so the girls asked if we could watch a movie tonight and we decided that would be a good way to end the weekend.

This Sunday was one of my favorites being that we were home all day together with legos, playing games, watching football or movies, being able to climb back in bed, still getting things done but still just enjoying being together.  I sure am looking forward to a whole lot more of these Sundays!

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