Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekend Recap

Our last weekend started off with soccer of course.  Both of the girls had games Saturday.  We were at the fields til about 2pm and then we headed home to shower because our community was having their annual trunk or treat and we were excited to get some candy!

I made us Mummy Wrapped Hot Dogs for dinner with baked beans and chips

Then the girls got into their costumes.

Kayla didn't really find anything she wanted to be this year and since she loved her costume from last year she asked if she could be an Archer again.  Of course I was all for it because hello, it saves us money and seriously it is an adorable costume.  Brooklyn wanted to be a Genie but come Saturday night she wasn't very thrilled to be wearing it.  I think she was uncomfortable that her belly was showing so I told her we could make her another costume if she wanted to for Tuesday night and she said she'll let me know.  They both looked cute walking up to the park for the festivities.

They went straight to the cookie decorating station first and I thought they did a great job coming up with their decorations.

Once it got dark it was time to trunk or treat.  All the cars were backed up against the park and it was so fun seeing them all decked out.  One of my favorites had a pug dressed up as a spider sleeping infront of it.  I didn't get a picture of him because I was too busy petting him while he snored away.  But this one below was the one we agreed was the best.

Oh and hubby and I agreed we just wanted to take this car home with us!

After the girls got a ton of candy we stopped to grab some hot chocolates to take home with us.

Back home they quickly changed into pajamas and then sorted out their candy.  Whatever they didn't want they put into our candy bucket for us to hand out on Halloween and the rest they think they will be eating 😆

Sunday morning Kayla spent finishing up her her 'All About Humingbirds' book she is writing.  She loves to write and does it all the time just for fun.  She finished it today and then started one on Red Pandas later in the day

Brooklyn was excited to spend the morning putting together her Lego she bought with a gift card she got for her birthday.  She ordered it last Sunday and it arrived Tuesday so she had been waiting all week to get it set up.

After her Lego house was all set up we carved pumpkins and then the girls spent the rest of the day playing with their Legos.  We watched Halloween movies together too and then I made 'candy corn' pizza to eat while we watched the Dodger game.

It was a nice ending to our weekend.  The girls are excited for Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it as well.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Billie Jo said...

Love your weekend, Shannon.
So much Halloween fun!
Your girls looked awesome in their costumes...your Halloween food looked delicious...and your cozy home time? Perfect.
Have a fun Halloween, and before you know it...we will be decorating for Christmas!!!

Becca said...

Such cute cookies!

Kelli said...

Love the mummy hot dogs and the candy corn pizza. I'm sad because we are not going to be able to carve pumpkins this year. I had wanted to call e pumpkins yesterday afternoon but It just did not work out. Have fun tomorrow night! I love seeing pictures from your Halloween night party.