Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Home Tour

Happy Friday!
Halloween is just days away and our home has been decorated for awhile so I thought it was time I share what it looks like for the month of October.  This year my girls told me I needed to up my game and make it scarier and I'm not sure it's scarier but I did go out of my way to decorate the back hallway to their rooms a whole lot more so they approved.   I would be perfectly happy with pumpkins, lots of candles and candy everywhere but the skulls and fake rats make it fun for the kiddos.  Putting it all away next Wednesday is something I am not looking forward to but in the meantime I'll enjoy the mess I have created!

I think this is the craziest/ugliest pumpkin I've ever brought home but the whole family agreed we had to buy it so it's perfect!

I love pulling out all of the kids books for each holiday but it's beginning to make me sad that Brooklyn is the only one that still asks me to read them to her and I know soon enough that will pass and I'll probably be reading them alone.

I can't wait to spend the weekend watching all of these movies over and over.

A sweet pumpkin patch drawing that Kayla drew last year!

Here is the hallway that leads back to the bedrooms, at night the lights are off and I usually have a candle burning and some light up spiders turned on.

My bats have slowly flown away
(they have one by one fallen behind the cabinet)

I'm glad the girls approved of my attempt to up the scare game because I don't know how much scarier I would want to go.  This weekend we will be of course playing soccer, going to our neighborhood trunk or treat and carving pumpkins.  It's going to be a perfect Halloween filled weekend!

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Billie Jo said...

Your photos and your decorations are amazing!
I love all of it...
And I know what you mean about the holiday books.
Same here.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Kelli said...

I love all your Halloween decorations Shannon! I especially love the hallaway into the girls room.