Thursday, October 26, 2017

Life Lately in October

Our month flew by as most of them do and really I'm okay with that because my favorite holiday is just around the corner and I CAN'T wait!!  It's supposed to finally cool down next week and fingers crossed it stays cooler so all the cozy blankets I've added around the house make sense. 

October 1st started off right with an adult only visit to In N Out for lunch and then I made Pumpkin~Ricotta Stuffed Shells for our family dinner to ring in the pumpkin season!

All of the Halloween decor was put out

The girls approved of the spooky hallway leading back to their bedrooms.

We don't walk to school as much as I'd like because somebody might, ahem that being the one below, complains everytime!  She couldn't even stop to enjoy the walk because she had to have her nose in a book the whole time.

It's a tradition to stop for a picture op' at Trader Joes with my favorite pumpkins.

Brooklyn was so happy to see Vinnie after our camping trip....not sure if he was as excited.

Lot's of soccer over all times

While I took a shower Brooklyn picked up Vinnie and put him on our bed and then she climbed in for a little more rest before getting ready for school.

How perfect to have a Friday the 13th in the month of October.  We celebrated with a fun dinner and watched the original Ghostbusters movie

A last minute call to hang out with friends is always a great idea especially when they make you a delicious dinner!

and the kids playing happily all night long

Friends from out of town stopped in for breakfast before they had to head back home so I baked a few delicious treats while we caught up and the kids played.

Enjoying friend time at late night soccer games

School Friends

Harvest Carnival Fun! 

I can't believe it's Kayla's last year enjoying the Harvest Carnival.  We have come every year since she was in Kindergarten and it seems like it was just yesterday that I followed her and Brooklyn all around from game to game.  Now Kayla helps organize and set it all up and Brooklyn runs off with her friends while I wander around wondering why did I come, ha.

After the carnival it was straight home to shower and get snuggled up with some take out and  watch the movie Goosebumps with all the lights off. 

Saturday mornings have been soccer games and then home to play

A weekend should always include a good nap!

The girls both received achievement awards which included a free meal at Rubys

We were happy to enjoy a yummy dinner and malts.

Sunday morning breakfast

My little art girl loves to create.  She enjoyed painting some Fall scenes

while Kayla enjoyed kitty cuddles

then it was time for legos

Kayla is just weeks away from getting her braces off!!  Daddy got to go to her appointment this time and Brooklyn and him enjoyed hogging the pac-man game while we waited.


Some Halloween fun with mommy's phone

I think we are ready for a Halloween filled weekend!

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Becca said...

So fun!
And poor Vinnie, haha!