Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Sunday afternoon Brooklyn's soccer team battled it out for their Winter Tournament but ended the day with their second loss putting them in 3rd place for the tournament.   The girls were exhausted and tired after playing two games with no subs and a player short on the field.   They ran their butts off doing their best and we were so proud of them!

Brooklyn was one one of the youngest players in her age bracket being that most of the girls are third and fourth graders and she is only a second grader.   She improved soooooo much this season.  She practiced three times a week just about every week.  Practicing with her own team and then practicing with Kayla's team twice a week as well!  She has so much heart and loves the game.   She was nominated for Spring Select just like her big sister but decided she wanted a break which is completely fine.  I personally agreed with her decision because I don't want her to get burned out and she is just learning how to truly play the game.  I know next year she will dominate the field and I can't wait to watch her out there!!

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