Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Our Weekend

This past weekend was one of our favorites!!!
It started out with soccer tryouts for Kayla.  She's been nominated for the Spring Select team for the past three years and hasn't really wanted to do it.  It's a huge commitment, she'll be playing until June if she makes it and we will have to travel a little.   We even were not very thrilled with the idea in the past but this year we noticed how much more serious she has been about playing so we decided that if she wanted to commit to it this time around we would let her give it a shot.   She did good at tryouts but there were so many girls trying out that it was a bit hard to watch and truly know.  She said she felt good about it though and that it is all that matters.  We will not even find out if she made it for another two weeks or so.

While she was running around trying out, I was freezing on the sidelines trying to keep warm!

Friday nights almost always involve a family movie night, pizza or take out.   The girls had stayed after school for a movie and ate hot dogs there so they weren't very hungry for dinner at home.   We picked them up the tiny servings of their favorite entree from Panda Express just in case they wanted a bit more to eat.

We watched Walt Before Mickey which was okay, not too exciting but a little interesting.  

I love looking over on the couches and seeing the entire family snuggled under blankets enjoying a movie together!

There weren't any soccer games this weekend which meant hubby and I got to sleep in.  The girls however had been up for a few hours each writing stories.  Brooklyn read me some of hers as soon as I walked out into the kitchen.

I decided to bake donuts for breakfast since we had all the time in the world.

The girls brought out their toys and played all day

I decided to drop in and take a look at a few antique shops I hadn't been to in awhile.  I didn't find anything but it was nice to look around for a bit.

Back home to rest before making dinner.

The girls were still in their pajamas playing.

We had comfort food all weekend.  Saturday night I made mac n cheese and Sunday we had Cheese and Corn Chowder.

Sunday was the same as Saturday. 
No where to be and everyone in their pajamas, there was football and Hallmark Christmas movies on the tv most of the day.   By Monday morning we all agreed that it felt like we had just had a long vacation and were getting ready to go back to school.   It was so nice having the weekend free to recharge and relax.  Our next few weekends are full of soccer and then it will be Thanksgiving and the holiday rush will soon be here.  


Kelli said...

I love weekends when you don't have anything going on! My kids have played competing soccer for several years...it's a commitment but as long as the kids are enjoying it that's all that matters. Only Juliana's playing this year. Good luck!!
I love the last picture of your sweet dog napping.

Billie Jo said...

I love this weekend, Shannon!!!
I love the cozy, relaxed, family time...
You always create the nicest environment for your family to enjoy!
Good luck to your girl!!!!
And yes.
The holidays are coming!!!!

Tara said...

weekend of perfection... every last drop of it!