Thursday, November 30, 2017

November Recap

I can't believe tomorrow is already December 1st!   It feels like just yesterday it was November 1st and I woke up and turned on Christmas Carols to listen to while we ate breakfast.

I also woke up that morning to find Kayla had spent her morning starting on her Christmas list.

All of the Halloween decor got boxed up right away to make room for our Thankful decorations.

Lots of fun sister time together this past month.

We watched the World Series while eating dinner together.  We don't normally allow the tv to be on during dinner but when daddy is a Dodger fan we have to.

I did some rearranging of our furniture and created a cozy little reading nook which has been used a lot.

It's good for board games as well.

Brooklyn created some fun creatures with her putty before bedtime.

One morning I found this note packaged up in an envelope addressed to Santa.  I sent a picture of it to hubby who was not impressed and believes I made her write it.   Poor girl really wants a kitten but we already have the best kitty in the world so I hope she's not disappointed on Christmas morning

I took this picture while we waited at the dentist, I was enjoying her little legs not reaching the ground, soon enough they will.

Then Kayla decided to play with the toddler toys while she waited for Brooklyn to get her teeth cleaned.

Enjoying my classroom time on Fridays.  It'll most likely be my last year of helping out because next year is not as much fun as being in second grade and they don't do much crafting or artwork.

A quick grocery shopping trip after being gone for a few days camping.

What my family room looks like most days when the girls are home.  They love to bring out their legos and set up a town and play all day together

I purchased new Christmas trees for their rooms this year.  There is a lot more room for their ornaments now.

Brooklyn received a fun book from her aunt where she can draw and design outfits and she spent atleast four days straight drawing in it.

On our last day of Thanksgiving break the girls and I went to the movies while daddy had to help his Noni move.  We went and saw the movie Wonder, it was so good.  Not as good as the book but they never are.   I cried pretty much the entire movie it and the girls said they cried as well too.

After the movie we grabbed some lunch,

and then did some shopping

we even stopped to enjoy some carolers along the way

The girls wait all year for their flannel Christmas sheets and I swear Brooklyn's bed has never been made so neatly as she has made it this past week!

We finally had some cold weather this week which meant hot chocolate after school of course.

November was such a fun month and I know December will be even better but I'm really just hoping it doesn't go by as fast!


Billie Jo said...

I loved this post!
I loved seeing a different view of your home...
Is that weird?!?!?
And I know I tell you this all the time...
But I adore all the fun and cozy things you do with your girls.
The sheets, the Christmas trees in their rooms, movie dates...
So much love in your home and family.
I agree with you...
I hope this month does not pass as quickly as the past ones!!!!!

Tara said...

The board games in that little area you created... how I love it!

Kelli said...

I love your new reading nook! I cant wait to see a home tour of how everything looks rearranged and decorated for Christmas. I always come away with decorating ideas. I cant believe that November is over and we are 5 days into December. Hope you are having a good week!

Becca said...

Those letters! 😍