Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Monday after school Kayla and her bestie looked too cute in their braces.   I made them take a quick picture together because it would be the only day they would be together with braces.   Kayla would be getting hers off Tuesday morning and her bestie had just gotten hers on.

Tuesday morning was like Christmas morning to Kayla, she came in my room bright and early dancing around exclaiming "my braces come off today" over and over again.  I told her to not get too excited because we don't know for sure even though I was pretty sure they were coming off!

We had a little time to spare when we arrived at the orthodontist so we chatted and took some pictures of course.

Before we go on lets take a look back at when she got her braces on.  She looks so much younger here!

They had to get worse before they got better.

I still love that smile though!

So happy to see her name on the Braces Off sign!

The office is expanding so there has been a lot of construction going on.  There is always something fun going on there though.  This visit they had the window covered in thankfuls from all of the patients.

Kayla squeezed in her thankful, 
"I'm thankful for getting my braces off!"

I was so happy when she got called back and it was my favorite orthodontist assistant taking her braces off for the day especially when we found out that two of her teeth were so loose that when she tried to take them off she realized it would end up ripping her teeth out.   She stopped and took her time trying to get the brackets off which at one point made Kayla tear up so she stopped immediately.   We waited for the Orthodontist and he showed us a little trick to easily pop both teeth out and Kayla didn't feel a thing!

She even got a cute tooth necklace to hold those two teeth and some money!

Braces off and two teeth less than before she was ready to go!

What a difference a year and a few months with braces made!   I'm excited to see what she will look like when all of her teeth grow in so we can see her true smile but for now I'll enjoy her toothless little girls smile while I can!


Tara said...

Shannon, she is so cute braces on and braces off!

Billie Jo said...

She looks lovely, Shannon!
Did she have an expander?
Because Rhett does, and we had to turn it and that was not fun!!!
Congratulations to your awesome daughter!