Monday, November 27, 2017

Spring Select

A couple of weeks ago Kayla tried out for the Spring Select soccer team and this past Tuesday she was surprised to find out that she had made the team!

We had some specific instructions from the coaches on what we needed to do which included being blindfolded.  I knew that to keep it a secret we would have to come up with something that Kayla would go along with so we told her that their was a fun soccer party happening but all the players had to go blindfolded so we needed to blindfold both her and Brooklyn to go.  Brooklyn had already been told about the surprise so she knew it was just a trick to surprise Kayla and we took Brooklyn's blindfold off as soon as we pulled into the parking lot while Kayla's stayed on.

When we got there Kayla asked all kinds of questions as did the other girls who were blindfolded,
Are there a lot of people here?
Are the other girls blindfolded?

We led her to a room that had 11 chairs set up in a big circle and she sat down until everyone arrived.   Once they all arrived they had a flashlight that was on and pointing to a soccer ball in the middle of the room.  They took their blindfolds off and were asked a series of questions about being dedicated and being a teammate.  For each yes answer they took one step closer to the center where the ball was.  After the final question was answered the lights turned on and they were congratulated on making the Spring Select team.

The girls were all introduced and then we played a few games, girls vs. the families.  

They got to make ice cream sundaes and then of course ran around playing soccer while the parents talked and got to know each other a bit.

The 2018 Beaumont Alliance Spring Select

A happy girl at the end of the night!


Billie Jo said...


How exciting for her, and for you all Shannon!

Tara said...

Love that beaming picture of her at the end Shannon! Love!