Saturday, December 23, 2017

December Fun

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!
I can't believe it's almost here already, it's never long enough.  We've been busy all month but it feels like we didn't get enough Christmas cheer in, it's a yearly struggle I swear.   Here is a bit of what we've done for the past few weeks.

December 1st fell on a Friday which was perfect because on that actual day the weather was cooler and since I help out in Brooklyn's class on Fridays I made sure to stop and pick up my favorite chai latte to begin the day.

Then in her classroom I found some of her adorable Winter artwork,

My favorite is below, it reminds me of A Charlie Brown Christmas and it's so adorable!!

As soon as school was out Brooklyn came right in to open her advent calendar

Kayla stayed after school and got to go shopping with one of our favorite teachers to pick out a few toys and gifts for children in need.  She came home around 6pm with a Starbucks and as happy as could be.

Adding a bit more sugar to her diet with her advent calendar chocolate

After pizza that night the girls and I cuddled up and watched Home Alone with ice cream.   Daddy was at an office party so it was a fun girls night in.

Enjoying a little tablet time before a busy weekend.

Our friends were having a going away party before they moved to Colorado and since they lived about two hours from us we decided to make a day of it and stopped in at one of our favorite breweries to grab some appetizers and drinks

The girls love this place because there are ponds and gardens around the grounds and they can explore a bit.  Brooklyn spent her time drawing the fish most of the time

Afterwards we headed to the going away party

Their photo booth was a huge hit with our girls.  I had to tell them to let other people use it because they kept taking photos over and over again!

We all had a great time.

Sunday we went to see Santa!

and also picked up some ice cream!

So many cookies were baked this past month!

The girls got a new Christmas ornament for their tree.  Kayla got a dragon and Brooklyn got an Eiffel Tower.

My brain had way too much going on that I totally mixed up an appointment time and the girls and I had about 40 minutes to kill before Kayla's orthodontist appointment so we kept ourselves busy with my cell phone.

Early morning views while I enjoy some quiet time

Hubby's work had a white elephant gift exchange and he came home with a nerf gun and all of us girls were no longer safe.

Christmas movies over and over again

My Vinnie always looking so incredibly comfortable

 Caramels are made

I love when teachers send me sweet pictures of my girls together at school! 

Looks like Elfie found a little nerf gun to play with as well.

Chocolate Cookie bark is done!

When you have the most thoughtful friends!

 Brooklyn found a gift left on the front porch from one of her friends.

Last night we all ate pizza in the family room and watched Christmas Vacation together.  Kayla had been begging to watch this movie and both girls thought it was hilarious and they were excited to be eating in the family room as well ;)

Christmas Eve Eve is here and started out cuddled on the couches with Christmas movies of course.

The girls played all day and wrote stories together

I set the table, made the lasagna for Christmas Eve and tried out a last minute recipe of chocolate biscotti.  After that I cleaned up the kitchen and called it a day.  We are picking up fast food for dinner because I am done in the kitchen until tomorrow.  It's time for Christmas movies and relaxing for me.  
Only 2 More Sleeps!!

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Billie Jo said...

Love your life, Shannon!!!!
I wish I could put on some comfy clothes and watch some Christmas movies with you!
We are having Lasagna Christmas Eve too!
And a Junior's Cheesecake!
I am excited for Christmas, but sad too.
I will miss the music and movies all day!
Merry Christmas, my friend.