Friday, December 22, 2017

School Christmas Performances and Parties

This year was Kayla's very last Christmas Performance!  She will be in Middle School next year and I'm pretty sure she will not partake in any stage type of events again.  In all reality she did not really want to do the Christmas program this year but this mean mom told she had to because it's the very last one and it brings so much joy to the family to hear her sing and watch her up there.   I don't know why she doesn't want to do it she does great and I know she is having fun while she is up there.  She looked way too grown up for me though.   


Wasn't it just last year she was in Kindergarten and singing at her Christmas Performance??

Before the show I took a picture of Kayla and her bestie because without any planning they looked so cute with Kayla in her plaid dress and her friend wearing a plaid scarf.  


Kayla and her other bestie, these two spend hours face timing after school some days.  They chat, paint nails or flip through magazines together.  It's so cute!

Kayla even got the honor of saying a farewell thank you to their amazing principle who will be leaving sometime in the new year to open a new school in the area. They asked her to say something about fifteen minutes before the show began!

After Kayla's performance the grandparents came over for some dessert before heading back home.

Brooklyn's performance was just this past Tuesday and she was excited!  She loves being in the spotlight.  She looked so cute and did great and I'm a little sad that next year we only have one performance to go to.

Over the last few days I felt like I was at the school daily helping out with parties.   Kayla doesn't get all the super fun activities like Brooklyn does but she did get a Milk and Cookies eating party on Wednesday plus they got to do a bunch of fun Christmas activities together as a class.   I helped with Brooklyn's class a week ago while they had their Polar Express day.  They drank hot cocoa and watched the movie.

Half way through the movie I found her reading her book instead....I had to laugh!  I guess that's what happens when you've seen the movie a million times and you have a good book you're dying to finish!

Love this silly girl

Earlier this week the kids got to create a little winter wonderland with frosting and lots of candies to decorate with.

Brooklyn definitely enjoyed licking the frosting 

and below is her masterpiece.  
Isn't it lovely ;)

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Billie Jo said...

Your girls are so sweet, Shannon!
Your girl did a wonderful job speaking to the principal!!!
What an honor!!!
And your baby girl is me...reading any chance she gets!
Enjoy these wonderful days!!!
I know you will!!!!!