Monday, December 18, 2017

Polar Express Night

Friday night we surprised the girls with our annual "Polar Express" night.   Before they climb into bed they find a ticket on their pillow and they know that means they aren't going to bed just quite yet but instead they grab their slippers and robes and we climb into the car with milk and treats to drive around town to look at all the Christmas lights.  It's just a fun little tradition that we have.  This year Brooklyn had us laughing so hard on the way home that I was even crying.   The girls know how much I love the movie The Family Stone and they have never really paid attention to it while I watch it so I thought but a song came on the radio and Brooklyn said 'this reminds me of The Family Stone'  she immediately started quoting parts of the movie in the right voice of the characters and we just couldn't stop laughing.   Christmas always has me missing how little my girls were and how fast they are growing up but sometimes them growing up is just as great.  I love their big personalities and seeing them be their own person.  All that laughter made for one of my favorite Polar Express nights to date! 


Kelli said...

I love that you do this every year with your girls Shannon!

Cindy said...

I LOVE your tradition!!! I may try to do something like this for my granddaughter next year!