Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Tree Decorating

Last Saturday night we decorated our Christmas tree.  I baked cookies and set out the decorations.  Hubby and I poured some champagne and we let the girls do the decorating.  Our tree is much smaller than our past trees and we usually go with a Noble fir but this year decided to not spend that much money so we ended up with a Douglass fir.   They are not my favorite for many reasons but for one the branches are not very strong and do not hold the ornaments very well.   We laughed while the girls decorated the tree and we would seconds later hear an ornament tumble to the ground.  It's nice having the girls do all the work and not worrying about having a perfect tree as I did years ago.  I think I've come to understand that none of that is important anymore and even though I was a bit disappointed when I saw how small our tree looked in our family room once we got it home I know that is something that none of us will actually remember.  Instead we will remember the laughter of the girls dancing around the tree or being goofballs while they were supposed to be decorating.  Hubby and I laughing at the ornaments falling off while we enjoyed our glasses of champagne.   The memories are the important parts of the season not the perfect tree or home.   So here are a few imperfect pictures from our afternoon of tree decorating, 

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Billie Jo said...

Just Yes Shannon!!!
Isn't ir funny?
As I get older, I am so much more relaxed about things.
It is refreshing!
Your tree looks beautiful.
And I love your glasses!!!!
Can you even believe it???