Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Sunday morning the girls painted their Nutcrackers.   I love this tradition because I love anything I can display that my girls made or painted but I think my Nutcracker tradition might be coming to an end soon.   Brooklyn asked all morning when she could paint and was so excited but when it came time to paint both girls rushed through it so they could get back to playing together with their legos.   Kayla was done after maybe fifteen minutes and declared, "I don't want to paint anymore!"  I made them finish up but I'm not too sure they'll both want to do this activity again next year.  

Kayla didn't care which Nutcracker I purchased for her so I ordered this cute one because I thought the chalkboard was a fun little addition.

Brooklyn of course chose the princess nutcracker right away.

Even if they didn't enjoy the painting as much this year I still love adding their nutcrackers to my collection.  They are one of my favorite decorations to pull out each Christmas!

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