Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

My heart might be racing a million beats a second as I write this because I'm realizing that there are only two more weekends before Christmas and my gosh that is not enough time!  I need more weekends full of Christmas cheer, it's never long enough.

Friday morning I helped Brooklyn's class finish up their snowman ornaments that they'll be gifting to their parents for Christmas.  Here is Brooklyn and her best buddy, Luke painting their snowman.

After school we headed to the tree farm to pick out the perfect tree!  One day I want a flocked tree, they look so pretty.

Just so you all know I take hours to pick out our tree, one year we were there for atleast two hours and it was freezing!  But this year I walked up and saw that my Noble Fir trees were going for $130 and I said, "No way are paying that!"  so we walked over to the Douglass firs which were only $65 and knew we would be going with one of those.   They are not my favorite but $130 is just too much this year. 

We were done picking out our tree within thirty minutes, record time I tell ya and then we all went to In N Out for dinner.

Back home hubby put the lights on so we could decorate Saturday evening.

We were up early Saturday morning for Breakfast with Santa at the girls school.  Kayla helped out with her Early Act club and Brooklyn sang with the Sundance Singers

I loved this song that they sang!

After her performance Brooklyn came home with us and decided to paint while she waited for Kayla to be done with helping out at the school

As soon as Kayla was home it was time to bring out all of their legos to play in the family room.

While they played I baked cookies for us to enjoy while we decorated the tree.

We decorated the tree and then daddy picked up Panda Express for dinner which we ate while we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

It was the perfect Saturday night all snuggled up together watching a Christmas movie. 
I'll be back to share more of our weekend soon!

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Billie Jo said...

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
I love your tree, your traditions, your home.
And the Santa pillow on the sofa is beautiful!!!!!!!!
Let's enjoy!!!!
I cannot believe it!!!