Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Years Eve

  We are enjoying our last few days of Winter Break before we are back to reality.   I hate when my girls are back in school and they sure aren't looking forward to going back either.  We have way too much fun being home all day together.   Our New Years Eve was an evening with us all at home just as usual.   We ate appetizers for dinner, I made a Vanilla Bean Bundt cake and we played a few games. 

I told the girls to pick something fancy from their closets and I even caught Brooklyn doing her makeup for the evening.

I loved seeing the dresses they chose

especially Kayla's pick because she is not a fan of dresses or ever matching with her sister but she picked a dress and the colors even matched with her sisters choice!

We all played Cat-opoly by the fire after dinner 

even Cali cuddled up next to me while we played

and when I was too tired to play anymore games and wishing these girls were ready for bed they were still full of energy.  

I couldn't even lay on the couch without everyone laying on top of me.  I'm there under everyone, you can't even see me

The girls were back in their rooms together writing for a little while.  Doesn't everyone write a story on New Years Eve?

A little after 10 I got Brooklyn to go to bed, she was barely hanging on and was falling asleep on the couch.  I laid in bed with her until about 10:30 and then came out and told Kayla she should go to bed.  She really wanted to make it 'til midnight but she didn't argue when I told her she wouldn't be missing anything by going to bed.   We all ended up in bed by 11 which was fine by me.   All of us home together was the perfect way to spend our New Years Eve!


Billie Jo said...

Love Love Love!
The perfect New Year's Eve, Shannon.
Your Bundt cake looks amazing!!!!!
I would love the recipe if you get a chance.
Hugs as your girls go back to school.

Tara said...

I love the color of the girls dresses. And I love that they wanted to stay up but everyone was out before midnight! We were here too! Love all the details you put into the night and that you were together! Happy New Year Shannon!

Kelli said...

We go back Monday as well and no one is ready. Your dinner looks it cheese fondue? So does your dessert. I love how the girls are matching and it looks like your husbands shirt matches with the girls dresses.
Enjoy your weekend.