Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Break

Winter break has officially ended and it was a good one.  We spent sooooo much time just being at home which was perfect because there was time for lego building, game playing, movie watching and lots of relaxing!

We managed to go out for a soccer game that the girls got tickets for on Christmas from us.  They were really excited and we all had a lot of fun!

Brooklyn decided she would read while she waited for the game to start.

A cute Christmas gift was hung in our backyard

Beauty and the Beast movie time

Adorable matching outfits with your doll

off to celebrate my mother in laws birthday with family


the daddy's feeding their babies ;)


kitty playtime

We all went to see The Greatest Showman which we loved, it was so good!

more game playing

and then we decided maybe one day we should go for a long walk because basically all we have done is eat!

We stopped for a race because Kayla who is the slowest/laziest bike rider ever has forever said that although she is a horrible bike rider she could beat Brooklyn in a running race so we of course made her prove it

She won, which we were a little bummed about because we were really hoping we could taunt her about losing but we can't because she won fair and square!

A little bit of crafting to start off the new year!

Brooklyn has loved her make up kit she got for Christmas although I've had to explain to her a few times that some of it is to only wear around the house.  She has put the bright pink eye shadow on a few times when we have needed to go places and it's very sparkly as well.

croissant french toast to enjoy one of our last mornings of Winter break

Vinnie's Winter break never ends!

a yummy dinner 

and dessert for Sunday

Sunday night shenanigans before bedtime

Their first day back and its cold and raining!
It was so hard to get out of bed this morning and get back to the routine but it's almost time to pick them up and only 4 more days to go, right!

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