Monday, February 12, 2018

Father Daughter Dance ~ Red Carpet Edition

Friday night the girls school held their annual Father Daughter Dance.  Every year is a different theme and this year the theme was V.I.P. ~ Red Carpet.   Kayla opted out of going because she did not want to get all dressed up but Brooklyn was more than excited to pick out a dress and get all dolled up for the big night! 

She loved her dress and of course getting her hair curled, painting her nails and adding a tad bit of glitter to her eyelids.  

She makes sure that EVERY dress she comes across is a twirl dress because little girly girls love to twirl!

Waiting for her daddy to sweep her away

Wednesday afternoon I thought that instead of flowers her daddy should give her a corsage.   I had no idea where to get one last minute so I thought I would make one myself.  It came out great and she loved it.

It was so easy to make and other than the pink carnations I used flowers from our yard.

My baby and her daddy ready for their evening out

Hubby took the rest of these photos while they were at the dance.  The decorations were so cute and fun.  

When she came home that night she said "mommy now I know why you wanted to marry daddy"
She's such a sweetie!

A little end of the night video taken as they left

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Tara said...

That is the most precious thing in the world!!! She will hold that memory forever and ever! And Shannon... she looked so so beautiful! Especially her smile!