Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ten on Ten

Our Saturday started with our sweet little Brooklyn coming into our room at 7:30 so sweetly waking us because she had a bloody nose and it got on her bed.  She quickly stated she was so sorry for waking us but wanted to let me know it got on her bed a little.   Poor thing, definitely did not need to apologize!   She often gets bloody noses and most of the time catches it before it even happens but this morning she woke up after it even started and ended up with a small amount on her pillow.   I took the picture below after we cleaned her up because it was not a pretty picture of her.  She had it all down her arms and all over her face.  She's such a trooper and always cleans up herself before I even know it happened most of the time.

She was all good soon after and got her favorite egg sandwich for breakfast

A soccer free weekend meant it was time to clean these stinky shinguards to get ready for Kayla's first Select tournament next weekend.

The girls played video games while mommy and daddy snuck back to bed for a nap

Of course the kitty joined us and even Kayla for a little while

Eventually we got up and made some lunch and of course some green smoothies

We watched the Winter Olympics and I was happy to see the girls enjoyed the snowboarding as much as I do!

Valentine's day is coming up this week and there is no shortage of pink flowers in our home!

We originally had plans to go out for the day but Kayla hurt her knee Friday night in a scrimmage so we wanted her to rest it and knew our original plans would not work out so after being home and  lazy all day we needed to get out of the house so we took a last minute trip to my brother and sister in laws to to watch the UFC fight.

The girls played with their cousin which we had not seen since Thanksgiving.  So even though our Saturday didn't quite go as planned we still ended up having a great day.

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Billie Jo said...

Hi Shannon.
Sorry about your baby and the nosebleed.
Peyton used to get those.
Your Saturday looks fun.
Especially the part about going back to bed. : )