Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Even though I've already packed up and stored away all of our pink, red and heart decor it definitely doesn't mean that we didn't have a great day filled with love! 

The girls woke up to some donuts that they got to eat along with some cereal and since I knew hubby would want donuts as well I hid a small pack in his car along with a tea for later.

I made school lunches with a few fun Valentine's day treats and tucked in a little note in each of their lunches listing five reasons I love them.

Both of the girls handed out the same Valentine's.   They were a total hit, who doesn't love a cute little puppy toy??

My favorite little Valentine's!

It was cold and gloomy most of the day and I was pretty bummed that I didn't buy an actual Valentine's day dress for Brooklyn this year.  Note to self to buy her a cute outfit next year because I'm sure the days of dressing her up cute are running low!

I headed into the school to help out in Brooklyn's class around 9:30 where we made candy necklaces, watched a Valentine movie and ate ice cream sundaes before they handed out their Valentines

Whenever I have time helping out I try to get away for a bit to find Kayla during her snack time.   She had just finished reading her five things I love about you when I surprised her from behind.   I love that she still enjoys having me around and doesn't mind when her mommy comes and gives her a big hug and kiss in front of all of her friends.

Kayla brought home all of her Valentines in this envelope she made in class.  How adorable is her art?   She always tries to tell me she isn't a good artist but I beg to differ!

All the gifts were out on display but the girls had to wait to open them until daddy got home so Brooklyn read and Kayla played math games on her chromebook for a bit.

 For dinner I made a pasta cream sauce with shrimp and we had our usual heart shaped cake that the girls decorated with sprinkles.

Finally it was time for gifts,

The perfect Lego sets for each of them
Kayla got a soccer one,

and Brooklyn got an art one.

They also got a new video game

Hubby got me a beautiful necklace, a bottle of wine and the perfect cozy sweater.  

After gifts the girls decorated the cake which I didn't even get a picture of before they cut into it.

Valentine's day was wrapped up with us all watching Be My Valentine Charlie Brown.   Brooklyn was so tired she was falling asleep, I'm thinking it was the huge amount of sugar she ate throughout the day.  Everyone woke up well rested this morning though and were ready to start the day.  There is no school tomorrow and the girls have next week off from school so we are all excited to have a little fun!


Billie Jo said...

The perfect Love Day, Shannon...
Everything was so lovely!
And we watched that same movie last night. : )
Enjoy your vacation with them!

Tara said...

Perfect love day from beginning to end! And I love the peek into her classroom...

Rashmi Chaudhary said...
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