Thursday, February 22, 2018

Presidents Weekend/First Spring Select Tournament

Friday afternoon started out getting these two packed up and saying our goodbyes before they road tripped it to Laughlin for Kayla's first Spring Select Tournament!   Daddy and her were driving out together and Brooklyn and I would be driving out early Saturday morning with my parents because I was going to the Miranda Lambert concert with my mom Friday night.

Daddy and Kayla arrived safely and once they were all checked in they went out exploring a bit.  They had a lot of fun hanging out together and I was so happy they got that one on one time together!

Hubby sent me a picture of Kayla's checklist she wrote out and how she was checking things off as she did them.  We were laughing so hard, I was worried that things would be overlooked or forgotten as all moms do when they are not going to be somewhere so I was reminding her of things she needed to make sure they did.  At one point while we were packing she asked me, "how do you remember all of this?" ummm that's why mommy is always stressed out little one! #momlife 

While daddy and Kayla were in Laughlin exploring Brooklyn and I were at my parents house.   Brooklyn decided to show papa the new Taylor Swift video.  Needless to say he liked the old Taylor Swift better ;)

My brother picked up my mom and I to drop us off at the concert.  We were so excited!

We were so close and the concert was amazing!!!
Miranda Lambert was so good, we loved her sassy attitude and she is absolutely adorable!

After a few hours of sleep....about 3 hours for me, we were up and ready for our road trip out to the soccer fields.  I couldn't sleep on the way because I was too excited to go see my girl play!

We missed Kayla's first game at 9 but luckily hubby sent me pictures and updates along the way.

They won their first game and we arrived just in time for the second game which they also won!!!
Kayla scored twice this game and I was happy we were there to see it.

After the games we headed to the hotel, I tried to nap for a bit and we spent a lot of time resting before we all showered and then headed out together to explore a bit.

We found an arcade that we hung out in for a little while before meeting up with the team for their team dinner.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel where our local AYSO rented out a room for all of the kids to have a movie night.  Brooklyn was exhausted and didn't want to stay so we dropped Kayla off and got Brooklyn back to the room to sleep.   Daddy picked Kayla up after about an hour and then we all went to bed.

Sunday morning we were back at the soccer fields for two more games that day.  Kayla's team ended up losing the first game by one goal.   Her next game wasn't until 6:20 that night so we had a lot of time to kill before coming back to the fields.

My parents took us all out to Claim Jumper for lunch and then we went back to our room for another nap and some downtime.

About an hour before we had to leave my mom texted me to come down and have a drink and hang out with her for a little bit before heading back to the soccer fields.

Back at the fields Brooklyn stopped to take a little rest at the fields before running around with all of the other siblings playing.  She had a great time this weekend just playing with the other kids.

Sunday nights game was important, we needed to win by atleast two goals to make it to the semi finals the next day otherwise we were out.

It was cold and windy Sunday night but so pretty!!

They ended up winning by two which meant Monday morning they were playing in the semi finals!   After the game Sunday night we went to In N Out with some of the team.  After eating we went back to the hotel and the girls showered and then my parents came and hung out with the girls so hubby and I could hang out with some of the parents from the team for a bit.

While we were out we found out that our semi final game would be against the other 12U team from our city.   We were already excited that the girls had made it this far but now we really wanted to win because lets be honest we didn't want to go home losing to the other 12U team from our city.

The game was very intense and went into overtime.  We scored in the last few minutes of overtime winning the game!!  

At 3pm we were back at the fields for the Championship game!
The wind was beyond crazy and the high was in the 50's.   We definitely were not prepared to play in the cold weather or sit and watch.   None of us really thought we would even make it to Monday because in the past they were always done on Sunday.   The girls had never played together and this was the first tournament so basically we all thought it would just be a learning experience.  Little did we know that they would win the whole tournament and take home First Place!!!

They played the same team they had played Saturday morning and had already beat.  This team was an Elite team which meant they played together year round and have already traveled to many tournaments in the past together.   It was pretty great to beat them twice and even better knowing that it was only our first ever tournament playing together.

Kayla's team won 5 games and lost 1 in the tournament, scoring 17 goals overall and only giving up 4(Kayla, as goalie giving up only 1 of the 4). They played so hard all weekend and we are so proud of how well Kayla played under some intense circumstances and crazy weather especially in the last game with 25 mph winds!!  We had so much fun watching her and just having family time together including having my parents along for the ride with us! 

 As soon as the game was over and the girls got their medals everyone left right away, hence 25 mph winds!  We still had about a four hour drive home and as soon as we got in the car Kayla covered up and was fast asleep

Both girls were wiped out after such a great weekend.   
What a fun way to start of the Spring Select season together!


Billie Jo said...

What an awesome weekend!!!
And I am so glad you had a great time at the concert with your Mom. : )

Terry D. said...

Such an exciting weekend! We loved seeing Kayla and her team play and win! It was so fun having family time.
Miranda Lambert was amazing!