Wednesday, February 28, 2018


February is over and now I'm secretly already in Summer countdown mode over here, only 3 months and 2 days til Summer break!  I take that back I'm excited for Summer but I'm also very sad and a little nervous because it means I will have a middle schooler over here.   How did that happen???   I'm not ready for my first born to be a teenager so when she spends her weekends playing Lego's with her sister all day I'm happy and reminded that she still is my little girl.

Helping out in Brooklyn's class I get to see all of the fun projects they worked on and I laughed out loud reading about her 100 year old life.

The first half of February was very warm so there was a lot of outside time spent together on our free weekends.  Brooklyn picked out the craziest outfit to wear on one particular Sunday

Family Walks are my favorite on the weekends

followed by an evening playing in the sprinklers

best buddies!
Kayla is writing a story while Brooklyn is reading, they are always together.

This girl came out to us on a Saturday night to teach us what she had learned about atoms, neutrons and protons!  Hubby and I were speechless and I immediately texted her teacher and was like, how does she know this??   Her teacher said she just decided to watch a video on her chromebook all on her own and started taking notes.  Her teacher said her notes were incredible and she is definitely a smarty.

Super Bowl Sunday at our friends house, Kayla looked too cute in her hat not to take a pic.

Brooklyn and our favorite lil man, Landon

All ready for school in her kitty dress

Fridays at the school, just making a ton of copies for 2nd graders

Brooklyn's hair is so thick, I curled her hair for the father daughter dance and it stayed perfect for the entire weekend!  My hair curls for about a second and then it's straight again.

Kayla and I had planned to enjoy a night to ourselves with ice cream and movies while daddy and Brooklyn were at the dance but instead had to go to a scrimmage for soccer

She ended up hurting her knee at the game and had to be carried off the field.  It was not a fun moment but luckily she is okay and we iced it and she enjoyed some ice cream afterward.

Kayla and her cousin Tessa hanging out on a Saturday night

Enjoying the UFC fight with a yummy drink

Tessa with her Aunties

Brooklyn is so good with little kids, she always enjoys playing with them and is so patient

Both of the girls enjoyed playing with their cousins toys

Sundays are best cuddled in bed with all of my babies

We watched a lot of the Olympics this month, it was fun seeing the girls so into them.

Both Beaumont Select teams at their last practice before they left for their first tournament the next morning.

Just looking for a new nap spot

Hubby and I had a date night after we got our taxes done and when we came back to my parents we found them all playing Clue together.

The last two weeks of February has been cold!  It appears Winter finally showed up and I spent a few days of the girls break just wrapped in a blanket most of the day

Daddy was gone one night for work so the girls and I enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup

Followed by a girls movie night in bed

Our lazy weekends are coming to an end after this upcoming weekend since we will be back to soccer games so I have been loving the mess of Lego's all over the family room on Saturdays and Sundays

Girls lunch and shopping trip to Target & Justice

All our girls hanging out in the park

This girls hair was so long and such a pain to brush through every night so when she agreed I could cut it I did it immediately.  She wanted it short and now she loves that she can easily brush through it all on her own after her showers.

We woke up to a light dusting of snow yesterday!

Brooklyn ran down the hallway to tell me it snowed, she was so excited!   I was really hoping it would have been more but it's been so long since we have gotten snow that I'll take it.

This picture below was from exactly 6 years ago yesterday which is the amount of snow we were all hoping for.

When the girls got home from school I made homemade hot chocolate and it was the most delicious thing ever!  I don't think I'll ever even buy the hot chocolate packets again. 

If it's not Brooklyn fighting the cat to sit next to me at night its the cat fighting with Brooklyn.  Brooklyn was laying next to me and when Vinnie realized he couldn't get next to me he decided to just lay on Brooklyn instead.

February 28th started off perfect, no bad moods, everyone was very happy this morning and it was wonderful.   Fingers crossed the rest of the afternoon goes just as smoothly!!!


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Love your monthly wrapups! Love how your girls are always together. So so sweet! Enjoy your last lazy weekends before soccer starts up!

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