Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ten On Ten

Happy March Ten on Ten!
It's a rainy Saturday over here and we have two sick kiddos so there isn't much excitement going on in our day except a lot of time at home which is fine with me since it's a rainy day and all.

Kayla has been home from school just about everyday with a horrible cough.   I took her and Brooklyn to the doctor on Wednesday and they gave her antibiotics so she seems to be getting a little better.  She had soccer team pictures this morning so she geared up and I hoped she would get through it without a coughing attack.

My other sick child and I stayed in our pj's and relaxed while daddy and Kayla headed out.

Kayla made it through her pictures and seems to be doing better today.  My goal is that both girls are back at school on Monday.   Being stranded at home for the entire week has been fun for me!

This morning while we watched our Price is Right recordings Kayla drew pictures of herself in her soccer outfit,

and Brooklyn sang her heart out down the hall by her bedroom while building with her Legos.

In the afternoon the girls ran off and played barbies together, hubby went and watched some racing he had recorded and I cuddled up on the couch alone and watched The Barefoot Contessa, not the cooking show but the 1954 movie.  I love old movies they are so romantic and perfect on a rainy day but this one was not one of my favorites.

Mid afternoon on a rainy day called for some homemade hot chocolate!  It's a new favorite around here and so simple to make.  I use this recipe here.

I've slowly been changing out the house for Spring and right now there are only a few bunnies out for Easter.  I have St. Patrick's Day decor out now so I'm not even sure how much of our Easter decorations will be pulled out this year.  The girls are on Spring Break the week before Easter and we are hoping to go camping but who knows how the weather will be.  I guess if we are stuck home I'll have time to decorate otherwise who knows.

Dinner tonight was easy spaghetti and meatballs while we watched the movie, Into the Woods together.

The girls seemed to be doing a lot better today and I didn't even have to give anyone cough medicine at all today so that is a huge deal after days and days of medicine.  I'd say that is a successful Saturday!

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