Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weekend & St. Patrick's Day Recap

Happy 1st day of Spring! 
Our weather here today is actually perfect and it feels just like Spring although rain is headed our way so my one day of wearing flip flops will be replaced with rain boots real soon.  Over the weekend Kayla had a soccer tournament in a city somewhat nearby and thankfully we were done with games early enough in the day that I could still make a traditional St. Patty's day feast but as far as us all wearing green for the day that didn't really happen as Kayla was in uniform and we all pretty much wore our team shirts to support our girl.

Brooklyn started out her Friday reading right after school.  Both of the girls know they have to read for atleast 30 minutes and sometimes its an hour before any screen time or video games and then that time is limited as well because I'd much rather have them playing together using their imaginations all day long!

While I waited for hubby to come home for dinner I poured myself a nice glass of red wine to enjoy.  It helped me get ready for a busy weekend.

We were up at 6am Saturday and had to leave by 7 to get to the fields so our breakfast on St. Patrick's day was a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Killing some time before the games 

Brooklyn read while we all watched a very intense game

They lost the first game by one and we had awhile to kill before game number 2 so the girls ate some lunch on the swings and then played on the playground for about an hour.

Game number two was a loss as well so we pretty much knew Sunday would be a one game day.

As soon as we got home I got started on our dinner.  While dinner was cooking and the girls were playing, hubby and I got to watch some of our shows which was nice.

Time to EAT!!!

dessert was mint chocolate brownies

 The girls showered up and we all cuddled on the couch to watch Jurassic Park together.   Apparently our kitty wanted to cuddle with us as well.

Sunday mornings game was at 10 so we got a little more time at home to sleep in.   The team we played was really good and we ended up losing again.   After coming in first place in our first tournament and then not winning any games this tournament the girls felt a little defeated.  But our coach explained to them that this tournament was with teams that are extras which means they play year round together and have played for years together while we are only a select team which is just put together for a few months.  That made them feel better and explained a lot because the teams that we played were very good.

After Sunday's game we came back home and got yard work done, laundry done and then went out to dinner.  It was very nice to not cook or have to clean up a kitchen after Saturday nights dinner.

This week is going to fly by, the girls have minimum days half of the week and Spring Break is next week so we are definitely excited to get it done with so we can enjoy some family time!


Kelli said...

Love the picture for Brooklyn reading at the soccer game. It looks like you had a fun weekend on the soccer field. Your brownies look wonderful!

Tara said...

Yeah for spring break on the way!

Rashmi Chaudhary said...
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